Your Wait is Over! The Ultimate 8 Challenge For 2019 is Here!


Are You Ready?

This year we are running two Ultimate 8 Challenges! So we have decided to open up 2019 with Ultimate 8 Challenge #1! If you are wanting to create a better version of you than this challenge program is designed for you.

What is The Ultimate 8 Challenge?

The Ultimate 8 Challenge is a complete life changing challenge that focusses on your mindset, improving your lifestyle, providing you sustainable and delicious nutrition plans, access to your own food coach, weekly team events, access to 26 weekly group training sessions and being part of an incredible team of like minded people and coaches all delivering the highest quality service.

Why Join?

  • Transform your mind and your body!

  • Results focussed and results guaranteed!

  • Learn what to eat and the discipline associated with food!

  • Unlimited access to both Fit Stuff and Elite Performance weekly timetables!

  • Embark on your 8 week journey with an additional 2 weeks for post challenge preparation & planning!

  • Weekly team events that will alternate from Saturday to Sunday each week!

  • Access to over 6 unique highly qualified and experienced professional coaches!

  • Once off $99 registration fee and 10 x weekly $50 payments with no further hidden costs!


Refer and Save!

Save 50% off the once only $99 registration fee for referring one new member, and pay no registration fee for referring two or more new members!


Kellye O’Brien is the creator of The Clean Life Collective and will now be your very own food coach through out the Ultimate 8! Kellye is a strong woman, wife and mother of four and will be part of your journey to provide a structured system that offers a variety of delicious and nutritious recipes.

Kellye will provide you with the necessary tools to overcome personal challenges that will help you regain your discipline with food. You will soon be exposed to a whole new world of options that will really make you feel the way you should from the inside out!

The secret to all life changing programs and transformations is what you eat, as you cannot out train a poor diet!

Below Are Your Timetables!

Class Schedule

Challenge Schedule


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