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Ultimate 8



As a challenger you obtain a meal plan which allows you to be as creative as you desire with your meals.

Meal plans are issued following your InBody Composition scan to ensure you’re allocated the correct consumption level.

Our on hand nutritional expert will be there alongside you throughout the 8 weeks to answer any questions you have and provide ongoing recipe ideas.

The meal plan does not starve you, instead guiding you to correct food choices correlated to your personal attributes – its common for our challengers to continue using the basis of this meal plan full time following the end of the program.




Get bored of the same old same old? Not here – Ultimate 8 gives you access to two facilities who run over 25 classes each week and offers both indoor group fitness at Elite Performance Capalaba and outdoor bootcamps at Cleveland Point with Fit Stuff Total Body Solutions.

Circuit, Muay Thai, Conditioning, Strength, HIIT, Flow and Team Bootcamp are just a few of the options available weekly.

As an Ultimate 8 participant you will further be offered weekly opportunities to mix up your training with the other challengers – think Yoga, Obstacle Course, Beach Workout, Commando, and many more.





Challengers are invited to join a group where you’ll gain access to each another’s ideas and motivation. Further, you’ll gain direct access to our nutritional expert and coaching staff.

You’ll train as a group, you’ll share ideas as a group, and ultimately, you’ll succeed as a group.



Challenge Cost: One upfront payment.

Dual Membership + Weekly Activity Access: 10 weekly payments.

10 payments = 10 weeks access to BOTH facilities.

You don’t stop just because the challenge stops!




Ultimate 8 Inclusions:

  • Access to Elite Performance (Capalaba) and Fit Stuff (Cleveland) training facilities.
  • Challenge Pack.
  • Weekly Social Activities (Yoga, Beach Bootcamp, Commando Class, Wine & Dine Evening + More).
  • Before and after fitness testing.
  • Before and after photographs (from a professional).
  • Before and after in-body composition scans.
  • Nutritional seminars + live demonstrations.
  • Weekly recipes & meal ideas.
  • Weekly fitness challenges & monitoring.
  • Breakup party & prizes.




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Fit Stuff
Norm Price Park
Long Street, Cleveland QLD
Fit Stuff
GJ Walter Park
Shore Street East,
Cleveland, QLD

Fit Stuff
Old Cleveland Lighthouse, North Street,
Cleveland, QLD

Elite Performance
17 Neumann Rd
Capalaba, QLD