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Here's some feedback from the last challenge

The Ultimate 8 was a challenging experience, but it was meant to be. No point committing to a challenge if it’s not challenging! 8 weeks of changes. Changing your food intake and exercise patterns. Each week it got a little easier. The ultimate 8 has great comradely and the results were amazing. Lost 7kgs in 8 weeks. But more importantly my fitness levels increased enormously. I would highly recommend the Ultimate 8 to anyone.


The Ultimate 8 Challenge was a positive, empowering and fulfilling experience for me. I loved the diversity of the entire program, the comradery between participants and the never ending support and encouragement received from all trainers. Every week was different, with outdoor sessions, extra curricular activities and weekly challenges. I also really enjoyed the opportunity to workout at Elite Performance and meet the team there. For me, the challenge wasn’t about losing weight, it was about getting fitter and getting out of my comfort zone. It was daunting to put myself out there, I was nervous initially however I immediately felt welcome and comfortable. I have made lifelong friendships and learnt so much. I challenge you to challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone and enjoy the benefits of the Ultimate 8 Challenge!

Doing the ultimate 8 challenge was one of the best things I have done for myself in my life! Not only did I make amazing friends, but I did things I never thought I could do. Today I feel mentally and physically stronger.
This year the challenge went to a whole new level. To be able to access trainers from 2 quality fitness businesses was awesome and then there was the added bonus of the experts bought in for different sessions. The 8 weeks was kept fresh with new challenges and training situations which was fantastic. The food part of the challenge was simple yet effective, something that you could easily follow outside the 8 weeks of the challenge. The use of the whole body scan at the start and end of the challenge gave you a whole new outlook on the makeup of your body – it’s not just your weight number on a scale that dictates whether the challenge has been a success or not, to see the improvements made across a whole range of measurements was brilliant.
No doubt though the best part of the challenge was the people involved. I came from the Fit Stuff group which I already knew was an awesome group of people to train and hang out with but it was great to meet a whole new group of like-minded people from EP. They bought a new level of enthusiasm and fun to the group which was well received by all. Thanks Nate, Rhys and all the trainers, can’t wait for the next challenge!!

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Check out the bonus activities that are included in the challenge.

Location Map

Fit Stuff
Norm Price Park
Long Street, Cleveland QLD
Fit Stuff
GJ Walter Park
Shore Street East,
Cleveland, QLD

Fit Stuff
Old Cleveland Lighthouse, North Street,
Cleveland, QLD

Elite Performance
17 Neumann Rd
Capalaba, QLD