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Timetable Changes For This Week Only! Please Read!


Hi there team!

Below is the timetable changes for when I’m away on holidays starting Tuesday morning. I’ve listed the sessions operating for this week and the start of the following week and who will be running these sessions. Any sessions that I was unable to have a cover trainer for will be rolled over as make up sessions into the first week after the round!

  • Monday 16th October 530am will be me!
  • Tuesday 17th October 530am Phil Sooveere!
  • Tuesday 17th October Ladies Only 9am Little Nate!
  • Wednesday – NO SESSIONS RUNNING THIS DAY! This will be a make up session as mentioned above!
  • Thursday 19th October 530am Phil Sooveere!
  • Thursday 19th October Ladies Only 9am Little Nate!
  • Friday 20th October 530am Yoga Session! This will be run by Kate who is fantastic!
  • NO FRIDAY LADIES ONLY SESSION! This will also be a make up session as mentioned above!
  • Saturday 21st October 630am Little Nate!
  • Monday 23rd October 530am Little Nate!
  • Tuesday 24th October 530am Phil Sooveere!
  • Tuesday 24th October Ladies Only Session 9am Little Nate!

I will be back ready to continue the normal timetable Wednesday the 25th October 530am!

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