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Stay Focused & Motivated!! Indoor Sessions Coming!!


We are indeed in Winter – the temperature has dropped dramatically and now is the time to stay focused on your goals!! You will have 8-10 weeks of cold weather before we start seeing earlier sun rises and later sun sets. You all need to take care of yourselves and your health so when the Winter turns to Spring then Summer you are feeling fit, healthy and highly motivated.

The most common routine we see is that we all become less active, demotivated and lazy through the Winter. Then by the time the season change has arrived we have put on weight, have lost fitness and feel unhealthy. Before you know it it’s time to exercise, change the poor comfort eating habits and get fit for the warmer weather. This becomes a race and is a very unhealthy cycle to fall into.

Ask for help team – our Trainers & Renay our Nutritionist are more then happy to assist you with goal setting, nutrition and ways to keeping focused and motivated!! Don’t be afraid to ask for help!!

Indoor Sessions Coming Soon –

Fit Stuff will be meeting with the Principle from Ormiston State Primary School to arrange the relocation of all the early morning sessions Monday – Friday 530am-630am to be inside their school hall. We used this hall last year and is an excellent hall and will allow us to continue through the windy and cold periods June & July.

We will have an exact relocation date in a weeks time. The exact address for the indoor hall will be added to the website for all of you to view. When this happens our Saturday session will remain outdoors with a later starting time of 630am.

Thanks Team – We look forward to pushing you all through the colder period in a warmer location.


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