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Coming Soon! New Prices & Sessions! Stay Tuned!!


Attention all current members & inquiries!!

We are currently changing our Rounds from 8 weeks to 10 weeks and these rounds will run in sync with the school terms.  Previously we would run 5 Rounds in a year all 8 weeks in duration.  As of 2013 we will be running 4 Rounds in the year 10 weeks in duration.

Our pricing structure will change slightly also and these prices will be released in a few weeks.  Fit Stuff will be increasing the amount of group training sessions that are offered each week quite significantly.  This will allow us to offer training packages with huge savings.  We have an exciting Fit Stuff Platinum Training Package available that will give you access to every session on the Fit Stuff timetable, with each session working out to be as little as $8-$9 per session WOW!!  That’s INSANE!!

Fit Stuff will be introducing a Yoga class also : )  Please stay tuned, if you have not registered on the Fit Stuff website please do so.  this will enable you to keep up to date!!


Have a healthy Day!!


The Fit Stuff Team!!


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