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Resonance Counselling Services is here to offer you extra support during your journey to a happier healthier lifestyle.  We are excited to see that you have made a great life choice and decided to take care of your body by  working with Nathan and the team at Fit Stuff. Our philosophy on working with our clients  is to work with your mind, body & soul and help you to find a state of equilibrium between the three so your life is in a greater state of balance.

Quite often people make a commitment to start to look after themselves better but find that their enthusiasm wears off after a while and gradually it becomes harder to turn up to their training sessions, make it to the gym or follow a nutritional plan.  If you find that you may fall into this category, please do not worry as many people do.  Our job is to help you discover why this is happening and help you to regain control over your life and the healthy choices you are making so you can achieve the goals you set for yourself and you can start living the life you want to.


  • Setting unrealistic goals
  • Stress, anxiety, depression
  • Low self esteem
  • Fear of failing and letting others down
  • Fear of what others think of you
  • Don’t like to be told what to do
  • Decreased motivation
  • Low self discipline and tendency to give up too easily
  • Apathy, just can’t be bothered any more
  • Feeling that you don’t belong here
  • Feeling like you are not good enough
  • It’s a struggle to finish anything you start
  • Hyper-vigilance around own self image
  • The mind takes over and sabotages any attempt you make to achieve your goals
  • Feeling selfish and that you should be spending more time with the family


We understand that life can be overwhelming at times and full of challenges.  Our job is to help guide and support you so that you can better understand the challenges that come your way.  We can help you to make sense of why you are struggling to achieve your goals by listening to you, understanding your challenges and helping you to find strategies to overcome this dilemma.


  • A sense of achievement
  • A sense of purpose and belonging
  • Your ability to set achievable, realistic goals
  • Your ability to be more in-tune with your body and to listen to the messages it sends you
  • A belief that you are a competent, strong and capable person
  • A belief that it is worth the effort and help you to appreciate the rewards

Please call us today to make an appointment so that you can learn to take charge of your own life.

Greenslopes Wellness Centre | Suite 3/582 Logan Road, Greenslopes, 4120 | PH: 0431 435 899 |

P.O Box 3410, Victoria Point, QLD, 4165 | FAX: 07 3394 4211 | [email protected] | | ABN: 47401977418

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