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Congratulations Team!!


Hi Everyone!

We would like to thank you all for your amazing support and commitment to this years Redlands Koala Fun Run!!  From the Fit Stuff team we are proud to have you all as our members!!

We ended up having over 70 Fit Stuff supporters on the freezing cold morning!!  We were highly regarded and recognised as the most successful turn out on the day and for this we thank you.  We have included a $20 Fit Stuff gift voucher for you all to use on your next sign up as a way of saying thank you!!

Next year we will be aiming for over 100 in our Fit Stuff team and we hope to see you all agin next year!!  We do also apologise to those who missed out on the group photo, it was rushed and the photographer was in a hurry which was unfortunate.  Next year i promise to have everyone ready!!

Thanks again guys!!

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