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With winter on the horizon, are wondering how you are going to find that motivation to getting fit and healthy through the cooler months?

Don’t fear, we are here to help! With five easy and simple tips broken down into easy to read points to get you on your way, we’ll help keep you on the right track when life gets busy.

So lets get down to business!



Tip 1: Find a time of day that suits you to exercise- wake up that hour earlier, take yourself, the dog or kids for a walk after work.

One hour of exercise is just 4% of your day and it can be broken down into smaller sessions, taking more active options during the day or waking up just that bit earlier or coming home straight after work. Going for a walk, heading off to bootcamp in the morning or the gym is a great way to get that hour done and dusted each day. Why? Exercise has numerous benefits if performed regularly, such as:

  • Helps control your weight, prevent excess weight gain or help maintain weight loss.
  • Helping combat health conditions and diseases, regularly being active can boost your high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or good cholesterol whilst decreasing unhealthy triglycerides. This keeps your blood flowing smoothly and decreasing your risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Improve you mood and boost your energy through the stimulation of various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed.
  • Regular physical activity can promote your body to fall asleep faster and deepen your sleep, leaving you to wake much more efficiently and energises. As long as you don’t exercise too close to bed time 😉
  • The main benefit of exercise it that it can be fun, it can help you unwind and enjoy the outdoors. Through exercise you can connect with your family and friends in a fun social setting.

The bottom line is that exercise is a great way to feel better, gain immense health benefits and have fun. Aim for at least 30minutes per day, however if you have specific health and/or fitness goals, you may need to exercise more.


Tip 2: Plan your meals and prepare them for the week!

Meal planning isn’t just great for your health, its also perfect for your budget! Making it a simple way to being fit and healthy.

Step 1- Plan every meal, including snacks- but account for leftovers

Step 2- Look through the pantry and fridge for ingredients you have, making your grocery shopping more efficient

Step 3- Create a shopping list- this will make your shopping easier and lead to resisting the sneaky impulse buys.

Step 4- Relax, feel good, menu planning is making it easier for you to eat healthy whilst saving you money.

Some tips for your meals – go back to basics, plan for a week, including your side dishes, entrees and a few healthy desserts.

Get into a routine, try a theme or two for specific nights, plan for leftovers and use them, don’t be afraid to recycle your menus but also be flexible!


Tip 3: Use a Food Tracker

This can be done by hand writing/typing or through one of the many apps that can be dowloaded to your smart phone. This is an easy and quick way to track what you are eating, but don’t focus on the calories, focus on your choices. Peter Drucker explains it perfectly- “what gets measured, gets managed.’ If you want to improve, track your progress and the behaviours that cause progress. gives nine reasons why tracking your eating and exercise will help you lose weight,

  1. You eat less
  2. You will exercise more
  3. You get immediate gratification
  4. Your weight loss goals become easier to achieve
  5. Your diet becomes a game, making it fun
  6. You can be more flexible about what, when and how much you eat
  7. You can avoid the ‘oh S#%T’ effect
  8. Enjoy your food without feeling guilty
  9. Avoid the weigh loss plateaus


Tip 4: Carry a healthy snack with you

Carry with you a healthy snack in your bag, purse or car for those times you are stuck out and get hungry. By carrying a handful of nuts, snack bar, or a protein bar you are less likely to buy something and make a poor choice, as we all can do, especially when hungry. This will also help save you some money in the long run. Plan for this in your weekly meal plan or purchase a separate bag of almonds, box of bars that you can keep in your car in case you forget.


Tip 5: Sleep!

Sleep is the most important factor for getting on your way to fit and healthy. Lack of sleep leads to lack of motivation, poor food choices and what can start off as a cheat day leads into a cheat week. So get to bed early, and try to keep similar times during the week and on the weekend, this helps keep your body clock on track and you will be more energised. Sleep is also important for your muscles, muscles are not made in the gym but actually during rest when the muscle fibres are repairing themselves.


These five quick tips are nice and simple to get you on you way to fit and healthy, as winter roles in it is even more important to be on top of your planning as it gets that much harder to exercise. But if you get into the routine now, it will be easier to follow as the dark and cool air rolls in. For more information on these tips check contact one of our friendly trainers.

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