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Growing up I always played lots of sport and lived a relatively healthy lifestyle. In 2013 I tore my medial ligament in my knee playing touch footy. I was frustrated not being able to play sports and instead of following a strict rehab program I became lazy and made excuses, which led to me gaining 30kg over the next couple of years.
I knew what I should and shouldn’t be doing with regards to diet, exercise and booze, however I kept using the knee as an excuse, (along with ongoing calf and hamstring strains) and I struggled to lose the weight I’d gained. 

I first met Nate in 2017 when I attended one of the group PT sessions he does for my current workplace twice a week. He was friendly, motivated and a ball of energy and he was so keen to get me training, plus he was very accommodating with my injury. The first session was killer but I made it through unscathed and motivated to return. The second session I pulled my calf muscle, but finished the session. Nate gave me some great advice on treatment & rehab, however I was lazy and didn’t follow it and once again I made excuses not to exercise.

It wasn’t until a chance encounter with Nate at the shops one day in early 2018 that he told me about an 8 week challenge he thought I should sign up for as it would kick start my exercise and healthy lifestyle change. 
The challenge was amazing – Nate is such an incredible motivator and tailored the challenge to suit my knee, calf and hammy injuries. With Nate handling all the exercise and Kellye helping with good food and meal choices I lost 14kg in the 8 weeks.
The challenge was tough – I still remember thinking I was going to die the first session but I kept going and pretty quickly the weight started dropping off me and the exercises became easier.

After the challenge I signed up to Fit Stuff and started doing the Saturday boot camps which I absolutely love. Doing 3 sessions a week with Nate, along with healthy eating, I continued to lose weight and by February 2019 after 8 months I had lost 32kg. 
It’s been a year now since I first started the 8 week challenge and I’m maintaining my weight at 77kg, down from 109kg in June 2018. I have so much more energy and have never felt better.

Nate’s group sessions are amazing – hard work but loads of fun. He tailors the sessions so beginners can participate as well as regulars by modifying the type of exercise and level of intensity to suit everyone with all different levels of fitness.

Everyone at the group sessions are so friendly, welcoming and motivating and even though the workouts are hard, there are always plenty of laughs.

Nate is a fantastic trainer and such an incredible guy. His energy, positivity and excitement for life is addictive and you can’t help but smile when he is around. 
I owe him so much for changing my mindset for the better and helping me get my life back


About 5-6 years ago I was approaching 130kg, suffering from high blood pressure and high cholesterol and requiring medication for both. It was then that it finally dawned on me if I wanted a healthy long life then things had to change.

I started going to a bootcamp in Raby Bay for about a year, I did see some slight weight loss but my diet hadn’t really changed. My instructor then went interstate and it was then through internet search I luckily came across Nate and Fit Stuff in 2015. With Fit Stuff trainers and the team positivity of other members, that my fitness journey took a real change for the better.

I have been introduced to a healthier diet with fun physical activities with other like-minded people. I look forward the mornings to my bootcamp as a great start to the day.


Overall I have lost 38kg in weight, gone from a size 42” waist down to a healthier 34”. I now have excellent blood pressure and cholesterol without any medication. It has also come with a financial reward in that I have managed to drop my life insurance premium costs by 30% due to a much healthier BMI despite my age. Insurance companies know their business and is an acknowledgement that you are much more likely to have a longer life being active, fit and healthy.

It has opened my life to be able to do things I could only dream of doing before. While I am now 60 years old, but feel a much healthier version of myself than in my younger years. Earlier this year I challenged myself and had a great adventure doing the Kokoda trek which would have not been physically possible years ago. My life has been opened to so much more opportunities and challenges which I now want to cram as much in, while on this planet. There are so many things in life, Everest Base camp, Kilimanjaro, cycling through Tuscany, Camino trail to name a few.

I still enjoy myself, enjoy a drink with friends but if I can do this as a 60 year old then so can most other people, and you will be amazed at what opportunities and challenges you can fit into your life.

Credit to Fit Stuff for making a healthier me with a much more positive outlook on life.
Whilst a comfort zone feels safe, nothing ever grows in it. Fear is generated by sitting and thinking about things, and we can overcome this by actions. As I have learnt, say yes to life adventure and let your body work out how?
I recommend that you give Fit Stuff a call to get your health on track and make the most of life.


I had the awesome opportunity to join the Ultimate 8 challenge!  I was a little nervous at how I’d go.  It had been years since I had done something like this and old habits die hard! But with the friendship, support and energy from the trainers and other members, it helped me stay on track and improve.
I lost a total of 5kgs and improved my run distance, so was very happy! Nate’s energy and enthusiasm is enough to motivate anyone!!    I loved how he focused on mindset! Would 100% recommend anyone to join and start their own journey of health and fitness.


Been a member of Fit Stuff has been a life saver for me physically, emotionally and mentally. Its been a second family to me where I have made life long friends and I wouldn’t be anywhere else but morning Bootcamps with like minded humans. I first met Nate Devlin at Goodlife gym as my personal trainer for a 12 week challenge a few years ago and that’s where my fitness journey started and I was introduced to this amazing Bootcamp program called Fit Stuff.
I’ve done a few Bootcamps over the years and nothing like Fit Stuff and what Nate provides every session. Nathan  has been my inspiration, a supporter, a great listener and down to earth legend of a man I’ve ever known. I’m glad to call him a friend! Without Nate  and Fit Stuff I wouldn’t have been where I am today with my Fitness. Thank you Nate


I completed the Ultimate 8 Challenge jointly run by Fit Stuff and Elite Performance Gym last January. During this challenge my fitness increased dramatically. I also learned how to eat much cleaner and healthier. My mindset towards health and fitness has also changed. Now I am keen to keep up and even improve my fitness more. I now enjoy training and it has been great to meet so many great people, trainers and clients alike. The trainers are really helpful and happy to support each person while giving advice where needed. They have  proven to show a genuine interest in the health and well being of the clients.

I have never done group training before and was a bit apprehensive starting the challenge but found everyone was so friendly and supportive that once I got going it was a great environment to train in.

Nate shows his commitment to the clients by improving his knowledge and then sharing it where needed. Nate encouraged me to join the challenge and explained it would be the beginning of a great journey of health improvement for me which has proven to be the case. I have learnt and am still learning from Nate so much about how to improve my body, health, fitness and positive mindset, as well as cooking and eating clean and healthy. There is always plenty of useful  information posted on Fit Stuffs social media sites to encourage everyone to try different things and gain more knowledge and understanding for your health and well being.

My mindset before beginning this experience was all geared to work and I was running my body into the ground. Not enough rest, eating bad food and not leaving time for things I enjoy doing. This was a trend that I kept promising myself I was going to change soon and get my body healthy again, I never kept that promise to myself until Nate really encouraged me to finally make a change. Now I’m loving my active lifestyle and feel amazing for it. My performance in my hobbies such as Mountain bike riding and indoor rock climbing has excelled exponentially now that I’m fitter and fuelling my body with delicious wholesome food!
If you are like me waiting for that perfect time to come to start your fitness journey don’t! Jump in now and feel the amazing difference, I did and I’m not looking back.

The photos are of me after Emily was born then when I reached my goals in 2013 then just before I started with you in Fit Stuff and the last 2 are of me now Fit Stuff happy and healthy.

Kylie, 34

An image of Kylie Olsen

Like most women I always put my kids first but when I turned 30 in 2013 I got worried about ageing and the impact my health was having on my 3 small children. So I made a decision and did a 12-week challenge by myself. The results were good I lost 10kg and I ran my first 10km race I was very happy. Over the next 2 years I maintained my weight loss give or take a few kgs and did my first half marathon in 2015 – I was so proud of myself and I smashed my goals and finished in 2 hours 5mins. But I was training myself and I was not careful so ended the race with a major hip and knee injury and couldn’t run for 6months  (that turned into 12months thanks to laziness). I put on a massive 12kgs and was not at all happy with myself physically and mentally. My sister introduced me to Fit Stuff and Nathan mid 2016. I was hooked – the bootcamp environment and amazing people I got to meet and the push and drive from Nathan is exactly what I needed.

Now less than 12 months after joining I have dropped all 12kg and my body shape has changed. I don’t look ‘skinny’ I look fit and healthy and happy. The takeaways I have gotten from other team members and the two challenges I have completed with Fit Stuff have given me the tools I need to maintain my weight loss, but more importantly my healthy lifestyle. I plan on smashing Tough Mudder later this year with my one and only best fitness buddy my sister Shaye and hope to do another half marathon soon! I cant recommend Fit Stuff more highly the team have changed my outlook and now I find a reason to exercise every day.

The photos are of me after Emily was born then when I reached my goals in 2013 then just before I started with you in Fit Stuff and the last 2 are of me now Fit Stuff happy and healthy.


Kellye progress pics

“Meeting Nathan and his team of health professionals 12 months ago opened my eyes to what weight loss and health is really all about! Its not just food, Its not just exercise, its not even both of these combined. It is lifestyle. It is a mindset. It is support. It is friendship. It is all of the above. It is FitStuff!”

My journey to health started 12 long years ago, the moment I saw a photo of myself taken at my husband’s 30th Birthday. It was at that moment that I new I must seek a change.

At first I focused on eating and drinking less to lose weight and at first I lost a bit but of course it quickly found its way back on. I continued on this yo-yo diet train for the next 5 or so years and it wasn’t until I heard someone speak of ‘Clean Eating’ did I find any more success. Again the weight started to shift a little and the more I learnt about food and the foods our bodies were designed to eat (real food) the greater and faster my results came. I then found myself in limbo once again. Although I was now a healthier, leaner and much happier version of myself I still lacked confidence and felt uncomfortable in my own skin. I needed something more I figured it may be exercise….

Meeting Nathan and his team of health professionals 12 months ago opened my eyes to what weight loss and health is really all about! Its not just food, Its not just exercise, its not even both of these combined. It is lifestyle. It is a mindset. It is support. It is friendship. It is all of the above. It is FitStuff!

Quite soon after I joined Nathan’s morning BootCamps I also became a competitor in the FitStuff 12 week Transformation Challenge. THE greatest thing I have ever done for myself! It was then with the expert Nutritional and Fitness guidance provided to me 24/7, I learnt what really worked best for my OWN body. I lost 12 kilos in the 12 weeks. and shockingly I won! It was soo easy! and the friendships I made I will have for a lifetime.

I continue now as a regular Fitstuff member and look forward to hanging out with my friends every morning watching the sunrise at Cleveland Point. Wouldn’t change any of these things for the world!

Andy Bromwich

After spending 14 years of my life pregnant or breastfeeding (7 children will do that to you!), finding the time and motivation to get back into a regular exercise routine was always going to be challenging.

After starting with some mums and bubs classes and achieving some early goals, I knew that I needed to find someone that would help me take the next step.  That’s when I first joined Fit Stuff and started training with Nate and his team.

I felt instantly at home, surrounded by a great group of like-minded people and a professional and experienced group of trainers.

I’ve now been training with Nate and the Fit Stuff crew for over 18 months, and I still love turning up to every session.  What I love most about the group sessions is the fact that the trainers push everyone to the limits of their own ability.  Everything feels like it is tailored to the individual, with a focus on continual improvement.

One of my key goals when I started training was to be able to go for a run with my husband.  He had always been the fit person in the relationship, and I hated running!

Not only can we now go for a run together (our longest run has been 21km), we train together with Nate once a week and sometimes it’s him trying to keep up with me!!

I’m still thoroughly enjoying my time with Fit Stuff and Nate continues to help me achieve personal fitness goals that I never thought possible.

Thank you Nate and team!!  

Dave McLucas

I first met Nathan and the Fit Stuff team about 5 years ago, I was training with another group fitness business in Cleveland but he was relocating back to NSW and had recommended Fit Stuff as an option for us, he thought that the style of training and the support provided would be what we had been used to while training with him. I’d lost over 30kg in just over 12 months so was keen to continue my journey and I was hoping Fit Stuff would enable me to do that.

Unfortunately a few months after I’d started with Fit Stuff I started experiencing symptoms of a genetic inflammatory condition that basically immobilised me for the best part of 2 years. I tried to do a session per week with Nathan a couple of times across those 2 years but it just didn’t work out, my body could not cope with the training and I was in pain nearly all of this time. I decided to take a complete break and focus on getting pain free with my GP and specialist. From time to time I’d get a text or a message from Nathan, checking in to see how I was travelling, to know someone who I’d not had a great deal to do with was concerned about my welfare was really appreciated, he didn’t have to contact me but it shows the care and support he gives all of his members (even though I wasn’t even a member most of this time!!)

I knew I’d found the right trainer to work with, I just had to get to a stage where I could train again. When I first went back, Nathan was fantastic – he modified sessions for me and continually checked in on me and offered support.

I’d put on about 12kg in the time I’d been off training and when I heard about the 8 week challenge I knew it was exactly what I needed. The challenge was fantastic and it opened up connections with a whole other group of Fit Stuff members – all of whom seem to operate on the same mode of support as Nathan, he really has fostered a great bond within the group. While the sessions are challenging it’s very rare that you don’t have a good laugh or 2 most mornings.

The close friends I have who also train with Fit Stuff also rave about the people in the groups and all really enjoy it. I’ve hit the numbers I wanted to in the challenge and it has me firmly on the right path to get back to where I was a couple of years ago. I look forward to continuing my journey with Fit Stuff and would recommend anyone who is looking to make a change in their life to speak to Nathan about how he can help!!

Jacqui Baker

I had always been a very fit and active person growing up with a love all things sport and fitness. Right through my teenage years and young adult life I played and watched sport and even studied it at university. Things changed however as I hit my thirties. Juggling full time work while having 3 kids with 3 difficult pregnancies made it hard to maintain my exercise and I found myself after my third child carrying extra kilos and feeling unhealthy and unfit. The wakeup call really came though when during a 3 month post pregnancy follow up, my physio told me I was borderline needing surgery to repair my abdominals due to the separation I experienced during my 3rd pregnancy. I was certain there was an easier way to remedy this and one day during a walk I saw Fit Stuff running a ‘ladies only’ session at Cleveland Point, I did a trial week and I didn’t look back. Within 6 months I had dropped over 10kgs and I also completely fixed my abs with no surgery!

My then 4 month old is now nearly 5years old and I have been working out with Nathan all of this time. It sounds cliché to say that Fit Stuff changed my life but it really has. I have always loved the Bootcamps with Nathan, they are difficult but still fun, they are always varied and being outdoors is a big bonus. I can also work them around my full time workload and family commitments which is perfect. 5.30am down at Cleveland Point watching the sun rise doesn’t get any better and you walk away feeling invigorated and ready for the day ahead.

The ‘challenge’ of Bootcamp has always been a big draw for me, so the introduction of the formal Challenges into Fit Stuff was music to my ears. I have just completed my 3rd Challenge with Fit Stuff and I would have to say that it was the best and my most successful one yet. Even though since joining Fit Stuff I have maintained a healthy weight and a high level of fitness I still find myself at times veering off the path, work gets busy and I drop my exercise rate or I start introducing less healthy options into my food plan. I find doing the challenge each year redirects me and re motivates me to healthier options. I had definitely put on some weight leading into this challenge and I didn’t feel great within myself so the timing was perfect. I put a lot of work in exercise wise and followed the food plan to the tee (even completely giving up alcohol for 8 weeks) and I lost over 8 kgs total and 14cm from around my waist and I feel fantastic.

This year doing the challenge with my husband Richard was an extra bonus as we motivated each other and have now made permanent dietary changes to our household. Our whole family is much better off for us taking part and I like to think that we are setting a good example as parents for our growing kids. The team aspect was also great, I loved being part of a team who were so inspirational and who motivated me to push myself that bit further.

We all know that it is a combination of good food choices and exercise that creates a healthy lifestyle, but you can take that one step further and add in that a great support crew leads to ultimate success. That is what you get with FitStuff as the people involved with this organisation are fantastic, not only Nathan and his trainers but also Phil the nutritionist, Kellye the food guru and also my fellow bootcampers who make exercise so much fun. Fit Stuff it is the complete package!

Richard Baker

I started the challenge because I needed to lose some weight and though it’d be great to do thistogether with Jacq. I was very unfit and had been eating badly weighing in at 112.8kg. When I did the first fitness test and scored 8 I was disgusted in myself and felt like I would die. I was determined from that point to follow the plan.

I set two goals at the beginning when you sent that goal setting form around. For me having these two goals was very important although I wasn’t sure I would be able to achieve them. I wrote them on the wall at home and work for extra motivation. If I could achieve these I’d be really happy.

  • To run 10km at bridge to Brisbane in under 1 hour.
  • To weigh less than 100kg at final weigh in.

To achieve those I committed to completely following the meal plan 3 runs per week of 5km each at work at lunchtime and a longer one on the weekend. Also following your exercises as well as I could.

The first week no coffee was very hard with headaches and tiredness but after 5 days I was fine and didn’t miss coffee much at all after that. Phil suggested X50 which was a godsend.

I didn’t drink any alcohol for 8 weeks and this was actually easier than I thought it would be. The hardest time was after work on a Friday – I was desperate for a beer then. I substituted with a touch of lime and soda water which saved me.

I found after a few weeks the weight fell off quickly. I couldn’t run 5km in the first week and it hurt like hell but after about 3 weeks it became bearable. After about 4 weeks I started to feel great definitely more positive, energetic and alert.

I loved the weekly challenges and being part of the group it kept me motivated that all the others were going through the same pain. It also made a huge difference the fact that Jacq and I were both doing the challenge and motivated each other.

I ran the B2B 10km in week 5 in 54:38 which I was so happy about and it really kept me motivated. 1 of 2 goals down!

My weight loss stagnated in the middle of the challenge which was frustrating. I think I was falling into a pattern and needed to mix it up a bit so I mixed up exercise did a few boot camps in city and made sure I didn’t eat same thing each day. Also waited until I was hungry before eating at least once a day. Weight started to drop again. I read somewhere that you’ve got to keep the body guessing.

In the last few weeks I increased the exercise and watched the diet. I weighed in at 99.7kgs achieved my goal was absolutely pumped!!

Loved seeing the improvement on the scan and fitness test. Measuring results is really motivating for me.

I never thought I could achieve those goals in 8 weeks and couldn’t have done it on my own. I feel more positive and motivated about life generally after the challenge.

Congratulations on a great programme! It was well organised and even better than I expected. I think 8 weeks was a good timeframe too. I particularly liked the testing and measuring and the group and individual competition aspects. I would do this again and definitely recommend it to everyone.


Thanks for being encouraging and supportive !

Bridget Charles

I recall my first day at Fit Stuff like it was yesterday. I told Nathan I hated running and he responded with we can change that.

I started about a month before the 2017 Fit Stuff life changing challenge and being a serial challenge participant, I had to join it. To be honest I figured the challenge would be like the other 7 that proceeded it. I have been part of 8 challenges none of which I have ever completed until I joined this one.

Life changing is an understatement, before joining Fit Stuff any of my friends would have described me as their fit healthy friend who was the last person who needed to do yet another challenge. But that was far from the truth because even though I exercised every day and have been a member of over 9 gyms and Bootcamps in and around the Redlands I was a compulsive calorie counter, I woke in the middle of the night and would easily drink 600ml of coke zero (because It was calorie free duh) and some days in all my wisdom I would fast for 12hrs and then live off protein bars (there is only like 300 calories in those things, 2 for lunch and 2 for dinner). It was no wonder that I developed quite severe psoriasis that I could not get rid of, I was ashamed to wear shorts or a dress and I felt far from the fit and healthy person that everyone thought I was.

I started to realise this challenge was different 2 weeks in, my normal giving up point. The support from Nathan and my team were overwhelming and their will to want us all to succeed is what kept me going as well as the weekly challenges, motivational Mondays, recipes, cooking lessons and I could go on. I was never left or forgotten and that is what set this challenge, Nathan and group of people apart from all the rest.

3 weeks after the challenge ended and I still haven’t touched coke or a protein bar and my psoriasis is completely gone. I’m 4.7kgs down and the 2017 female runner up. Not bad for someone who has never seen a challenge to the end.

Nate is an awesome trainer who you can tell is passionate about what he does and the people he trains. So, if you are like me and scrolling through these member stories because you are looking for somewhere to train, come and try Fit Stuff out and you will quickly see why we all love it so much. As for running I still hate it but I finally managed to run parkrun in 28:56 which I never thought was achievable and it’s all thanks to Nate and Fit Stuff. #goteamthor