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8 Simple Steps to a Successful 2016!!

What we have designed below is a simple system that requires you to Think, Document, Keep Accessible & Visual. Follow these simple steps to create your pathway to a successful 2016! Firstly purchase yourself a personal notepad, a large sheet of card board of any colour and a small cork board/white board.

  • Your Notepad is to document all your thoughts from the simple tasks listed below.
  • Your large sheet of Cardboard is to allow your annual timeline to be created.
  • Your small CorkBoard is for you to pin ideas, dreams, pictures of motivation & inspiration.
  • Your small Whiteboard is for daily & weekly tasks plus a quote you live by and change weekly.

Step 1.

Focus, think & document three aspects of your day you are truly grateful for. Use the first page of your notepad to document these and make them loud & clear.

Step 2.

Let’s create some simple guidelines to follow in 2016. Below are examples only! You need to think about what guidelines you need to focus on in 2016 to get you to where you want to be. Use your next page to list these loud & clear.

  • Work – life balance
  • Time management
  • Setting & resetting your goals
  • Happiness & positivity

Step 3.

On your next page document your personal limitations. There maybe one or there maybe many so think & understand why these are your limitations. Next to each limitation create a pathway by documenting ideas, actions, plans and what these are costing you. Follow these pathways and they will give you success and allow you to overcome and take control of your limitations.

Step 4.

On your next page rule up a full page table that uses these 3 titles: Goals, Focus, Rewards. Firstly list all your goals in column 1. Secondly list what helps you focus on these goals in column 2. In your last column list all the rewards you will receive from completing and achieving these.

Step 5.

Next page list empowering thoughts that empower you daily. These are any positive thoughts that make you feel strong, happy & excited. Next to each thought document a small list of the actions required by you and that you promise yourself to take to make this happen.

Remember this formula! Thoughts → Actions →Results

Step 6.

On another page list your personal values, as many as possible. Personal values are words that describe you such as motivated, happy, punctual etc. Don’t hold back with these, open up and be honest with yourself it feels great! Once you have created this list tear this page out, laminate it and place it somewhere you will see it daily.

Step 7. A

This time you are going to create a list of your life roles. Goals for each role and how to prioritise these goals through importance. What are life roles you ask? Well below we have listed some examples to get you started. Think about the roles you are involved with on a daily bases.

  • Father/Mother
  • Brother/Sister
  • Husband/Wife
  • Business Owner
  • Mentor

Step 7. B

Now next to each role in your life list your top 3 important goals for each role?

Step 7. C

With all your goals documented, now create your top 10 list!

With your top 10 list put these in order of priority from 1→10 The way you prioritise or work this out is the level of importance or personal impact these goals have on your life. Use a full page for this and once completed tear the page out and laminate it. Place this where you spend most of your day to create visual contact with your goals frequently to build a subconscious mind of direction and focus.

Step 8.

Final Plan For Your Successful Year Ahead – 2016!

Your newly created list of top 10 goals are what we call your golden goals. The process we have just completed leading up to this requires you to work on them daily, weekly and monthly to lead you to these Golden Goals.

So your final steps are simple. Hang your cork board and pin everything that you love and that inspires you. Hang your white board, find a quote you love and want to live by for one week – write it on! In point form add your daily goals as these are your daily targets to reach daily success.

  1. Create weekly goals & targets (smaller)
  2. Create monthly goals & targets (larger)
  3. Create golden goals (personal & large achievements)
  4. Using your large piece of cardboard create yourself an annual timeline with a large table and slot each of your weekly goals, monthly goals & golden goals in along the timeline to create a visual understanding of how you will achieve these and turn your 2016 into success!!

On behalf of the whole Fit Stuff team we wish you a Fantastic, Happy & Successful 2016!!

Stay Focussed,

Your Mentor & Motivator

Nate Devlin | Fitness Director

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