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After marrying and starting my family I began to let my dutch ways get the better of me, eating fine cheeses and cooking rich, decadent foods. I focused so hard on bringing up my three beautiful girls that I didn’t bother looking after myself or worrying about the way I look, and slowly the weight started to pile on. The more I carried around with me, the more daunting the thought became to strip the weight off me… So I didn’t try.

I began my incredible weight loss journey in June 2007 after a health scare in which my doctor said I had to lose weight or else. With the support of my family and great friends I began this amazing journey. I teamed up with Nathan in September 2007 and have never looked back. After gaining fitness and strength I started doing bootcamps which I have been attending for nearly a year. In that time I have become fitter and healthier and have gained some great friends. Nathan and Chris make it fun yet tough and everyone is very supportive and encouraging.

Since I started I have lost 70kg and I am truly grateful everyday that fitstuff is a part of my life. Now I can live a happy and long life with my family and friends, running after my grandkids instead of sitting on the sideline.

If you need to lose weight or just want to get fitter and enjoy the outdoor life I truly recommend Fitstuff. Thanks Nathan and Chris.



Jules Before
Jules Before



Jules After
Jules After


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