I moved to Australia with my fiance in Dec 2009. We’d been engaged for just over 3 months and being pressed by family and friends to set a date. I’d been saying since we’d got engaged that we’d set a date when I could fit into a size 10 wedding dress. Everyone laughed in a like that’s going to happen kind of way. It made me more determined to prove to myself and to them that I could do it. So January 2010 I started dieting in earnest. I’m an expert dieter – having been on every diet known to mankind since I was about 11. I’ve lost weight in the past but it has always come back and with a few more extra kilos each time. The classic yo-yo dieter. Everyone knows the story. This time had to be different. I was about to turn 34 and didn’t want to spend the rest of my life repeating the same mistakes, living my own kind of Groundhog Day.

I succeeded in losing my first 10 kgs mostly just by eating healthy with very minimal exercise. The weight stopped coming off and feeling demotivated I went into maintenance mode. I decided to join my local gym and began to exercise a few times a week. It helped me shift a couple more kilos. At the end of my first year in Australia I was only down 12 kgs and needing to take it up a gear. It was signing up for the 8 week overhaul at the gym that really kicked in the change for me. It was then, in March 2011, that I started working with my Personal Trainer Kane who has pushed me to limits I would never have pushed myself. It was also during this program that I went to my very first Bootcamp – April 16th 2011. I remember the date because I blogged about it but also because getting up early to exercise on a Saturday was not something anyone who knew me would believe I was doing. I don’t do mornings. Well, I didn’t. I loved it! I signed up for a round of Winter Bootcamp. Now I wasn’t just getting up early, I was getting up early in the cold and dark to exercise. I’m so glad I did. Exercising in the early morning and outdoors is the best way to start a Saturday for me now. It sets the tone for my whole weekend. The added bonus is that I’ve made some good friends too.

I’m writing these words 23 kgs lighter than I was in March this year, 35 kgs lighter than when I moved to Australia in Dec 2009. I’m wearing that size 10 dress and likely to be taking my wedding dress in to be a size 8. I’ve found a confidence in myself I never thought I possessed. I’ve discovered a love for exercise and a need to do it every day. I ran the 10km Bridge to Brisbane this year with Kane and the Fit Stuff guys – 2 year ago I had to push myself to run 100m. I’ve learnt how to eat for energy, eat naturally and make the healthier choice all the time. The lessons just keep coming. This time it isn’t a diet I’ve gone on, this time my whole lifestyle has changed. I am very grateful that I found Kane and the guys at Fit Stuff. Without the motivation, inspiration, support and all those days of pain Kane, Nathan, Cameron and Rolf have given me I don’t know if I would be where I am now. I want to thank them for pushing me beyond where I ever thought I’d go, for the words of encouragement, the high-fives, the support but mostly for giving me the new me. I may have been aiming for that wedding dress but this is my life now and I love it!








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