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Earlier this year I decided I was going to do something about the 15yrs of neglect I had done to my body.  At a massive weight of 147kgs I signed up to a not so local gym, but knew 1 of the trainers there, Chris.

Being self conscious and not so confident it was important for me to use someone I knew and not feel too judged. So we started to slog it out, I was there every other day ready to start the 12 week Challenge as I told Chris I wanted to give it a shot. Chris was rather pleased I wanted to give it a go and we designed a plan off attack to maximise my motivation that included group activities. I was not looking forward to it at all!! I even skipped 1 or 2 at the start, then Chris introduced me to Nathan and suggested I come down one Tuesday morning and try out the Fit Stuff program.

I was hesitant but wanted to try, I had all sorts of bad things running through my mind and thinking I was going to be constantly judged by others, I could tell you this is far from the reality.  This is where I met Nicky, she was the first to say hello and push me along when I started to struggle the first Saturday in the park. From here she introduced me to a lot more people, her sister Vick, Michelle, Dee, Jay & Dewain just to name a few.

All these guys became great training buddies and we pushed each other harder every week. The support network and training options Fit Stuff offer are unbelievable, and in no time I had my confidence back, and had dropped to 99kgs on final weigh in which saw a 17kg drop over the 12 weeks. I signed up to run Fit Stuff twice a week and with the guidance of these great trainers. I have now gone from struggling to manage a 1 hr session a day (3 times a week) to training anywhere from 3-4hrs a day, 6-7 days a week. I also loved the double boot camps on Saturdays during the challenge, lifting heavy weights, and distance running.

2011 saw me participate in the bridge to Brisbane 10km route with the Fit Stuff team. I have also found that doing the Fit Stuff camps is a lot more fun than being in a gym.

Nathan, Cam, Rolf and the rest of the Fit Stuff team pushed me to my limits but also kept in mind injuries and offered strengthening exercises and stretches to improve and correct some issues.

Thanks to the Fit Stuff Team I have regained my life, and a new found passion for fitness.  I have signed to study my certificate 3 & 4 starting 2012 to become a personal trainer myself and change others lives the way mine was changed. I still have further to go and with Fit Stuff I will achieve all I have set out to do, remember your mind is the strongest part of your body,  always believe in yourself and stay positive.



Jamie Before


Jamie After


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