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Happy New Year! New Plan! New Goals! New You 2018!

Round 1 Kicks Off Monday 22nd of January!

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  • Payments due Friday the 19th of January.
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Simple Steps to a Successful 2018! Some of my tips below for the New Year!fitstuff-small-logo

What I have designed below is a simple system that requires you to Think, Document, Keep Accessible & Visual. Follow these simple steps to create your pathway to a successful 2018! Firstly purchase yourself a personal notepad, a large sheet of card board of any colour and a medium sized white board.

  • Your Notepad is to document all your thoughts on the go when you are busy so you don’t forget these thoughts.
  • Your large sheet of cardboard is to create a dream board.
  • Your Whiteboard is for tasks and goals plus a quote you live & work by for the week – change this weekly!
  1. Focus, think & document three aspects of your day you are truly grateful for. Use the first page of your notepad to document these and make them loud & clear.
  2. Next page list empowering thoughts that empower you daily. These are any positive thoughts that make you feel strong, happy & excited. Next to each thought document a small list of the actions required by you and that you promise yourself to take to make them happen.
  3. Use your large sheet of cardboard to place pictures that motivate, inspire and make you excited to achieve goals and targets in 2018.
  4. Use your whiteboard and rule up 3 columns with these headings: Category | 5 Year Goals | 1 Year Goals under these headings create 7 rows. Add these headings to each row under the category heading at the top left: Business/ Career | Social | Physical | Me Time | Family | Financial | Mental/ Spiritual. Fill these rows out with your responses and make them big and clear!

Remember this formula! Thoughts → Actions = Results

Final Plan For Your Successful Year Ahead – 2018!

Your newly created list of 5 year and 1 year goals are what we call your golden goals. The process we have just completed leading up to this requires you to work on them daily, weekly and monthly to lead you to these Golden Goals.

So your final steps are simple. Hang your whiteboard and dream board at eye level and somewhere you spend lots of time. On your white board, find a quote you love and want to live by each week – write it down! Each week find a new quote and work and live by it!

On behalf of the whole Fit Stuff team we wish you a Fantastic, Happy & Successful 2018!!

Stay Focussed,

Your Mentor & Motivator

Nate Devlin | Fitness Director | Owner

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