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Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge 29 hours!! Well Done Team!!


Kokoda Challenge 2012!!

Our team Fit Stuff Kommandos toughed out the extreme conditions of the Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge of 96km in 29 hours. They say it’s one of the hardest and  toughest challenges Australia has to offer.  Our team of 4 was team leader Nathan Devlin, Andrea Vonk, John-Paul Emery and Andrew Thomas. We experienced excitement, silence, cold, mud hills, pain and fatigue on all levels, the best of all was our team spirit, encouragement, support, comradery and the ability to battle beyond our metal and physical state.

Completing the race in 29 hours was our biggest achievement, thinking of the diggers and what they went through was one of the main inspirations for us. In memory of our soldiers and what they endured in conditions far greater then ours was what brought us to the finishing line.  We would also like to thank our support crew Jodie Fitzpatrick, Steve Fitzpatrick, Kerry Thomas, Ian Vonk, Paul Faulis and Perry for their time and amazing efforts on keeping our spirits and energy high.  Another big thank you to our friends, family and Fit Stuff members who tracked our journey they whole way through.

You are all awesome, and with your help and support we finished!!

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