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2020 Start Dates

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Currently Running School Holiday Timetable

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Round 2 Starts Monday 20th April – Finishes Saturday 27th June

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Round 3 Starts Monday 13th July – Finishes Saturday 18th September

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Round 4 Starts Tuesday 6th October – Finishes Saturday 11th December


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Our online platform The VFS Movement is a step into the future and will be a permanent addition to our business moving forward.

We consider ourselves to be resilient and proactive therefore the release and introduction is what you see before you.

Pricing structure will be a light and lean $20 per week for you and the family via direct debit, either through our system or a direct automatic transfer from your system with all payments to be made each Friday. This is a single level membership that includes what’s listed below:

  • Daily live streaming classes starting at 6am Monday to Friday.
  • All classes are recorded and can be accessed at any time.
  • Only VFS members will receive an invitation to this closed group page.
  • Access to Nate’s easy to follow 10-minute warm-up video.
  • Access to Nicci’s easy to follow cool-down and relax video.
  • Kellye’s weekly video and food saving tips.
  • Weekly healthy, refreshing, tasty and immune fighting recipes.
  • Nicci’s weekly mindset and mindfulness video.
  • Nate’s weekly motivation and accountability coaching video.
Book your membership now by emailing [email protected]
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Norm Price Park, Long Street
Cleveland QLD 4163
GJ Walter Park, Shore Street East,
Cleveland, QLD, Australia

Old Cleveland Lighthouse, North Street,
Cleveland, QLD, Australia
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