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ROUND 4 Registration Details!
Please be aware we have a new registration process!


ROUND 4 – Tuesday the 6th of October – Game On!

Firstly, we again thank you for supporting us throughout COVID-19 and displaying amazing patience towards the continual adjustments, changes and limitation challenges.

Quick School Holiday Timetable Mention Below:

Week 1: Tuesday 22nd / Thursday 24th – 5:30am & 8am @Cleveland Point!
Week 2: Tuesday 29th / Thursday 1st – 5:30am & 8am @Cleveland Point!

Payment Note: All Training Packages can be purchased now and used through the school holiday sessions.

Please be sure to read the full updated Fit Stuff terms & conditions.

Round 4  Registration Details Below:

Spring / Summer is here so let us embrace the weather change and continue to push forward working on the best version of you!

  • Round 4 officially kicks off Tuesday the 6th of October!
  • Payments are due between now & deadline date Friday the 2nd of October!
  • Round 4 Weekly debit payments will commence Friday the 9th of October!
  • Please email for more details [email protected]



New Registration Process Going Live From Monday!
Please Follow New Registration Process!



Legends I have had a new registration platform added to the Fit Stuff website that will now require everyone to register through.


May I ask you all to please go through the new member process please then each registration after that please follow the current  / returning member process. 

The purpose of this system is to collect more accurate data on membership levels, registration start dates, personal renewal reminders and more…

This system is extremely easy and I thank you kindly for taking the time to do this, if you require an emailed invoice please advise me via email upon your registration. 

Below I have a link to the Fit Stuff homepage where the new registration system will be Easy as click on the membership level and select your payment option upfront or weekly debit and follow the prompts.



Challenge Team Members Absolutely Excited With Results!
Cut The B.S Challenge 2020 Huge Success!




To everyone that was part of the first ever Cut the BS Challenge CONGRATULATIONS you did it!

Reflecting back on how you all felt about committing to the new program with mixed emotions such as feeling anxious, fear or 100% ready to go, then to watching you all cross the finish line with absolutely amazing healthy, happy and strong results was a life changing experience for me!

Absolutely everyone completed this challenge and absolutely everyone achieved and received amazing results, I’m just so proud of you all! 

You are all walking proof that by sticking to the damn plan you can achieve absolutely anything you desire 100%!

My special mentions are listed below and as we are all completely aware it was a team effort and each and every one of you won and achieved your goals:

  • Challenge Champions: Mereoni Duncan & Michael Kling
  • Challenge Champion Runners Up: Karla Hamilton & Richard Baker
  • People’s Choice Champions: Jacqui Baker & Dave McLucas
  • Special Recognition Awards: Mirela Lane, Rachel Smith, Paul Lees & Glen Wright
  • Best Bio Scan Result: Soph Ismail
  • Admiration Award: Katrina Beutel
  • Welcome Awards: Bec Fitzgerald, Sue Newbury, Marion Smith, Pam Kelly & Andy Bromwich

Bring on the next Cut the BS Challenge starting February 2021! Maximum of 25 participants and if you would like to secure your spot now email me

Register for Cut the BS Challenge # 2




Welcome Back Fortnightly Friday 530am Yoga Class!
We Welcome Our New Yoga Instructor Jo Hickman!


So, everyone is aware our Yoga instructor Kate is due and about to have her first baby this month which is absolutely exciting and fantastic!

Kate has introduced me to her friend Jo who will commence Friday the 16th 530am @ Cleveland Point and will continue fortnightly from this date.

Jo’s words “Kate said this group would be a great way to kick off my teaching experience and they won’t be too mad if I get my lefts and rights mixed up, LOL. “. We are excited to have her join us!

Please add this class to your regime and use this class to work on balance, core and improving your mobility and flexibility.

Yoga is the perfect mindset preparation for your day that allows you to become present by grounding your thoughts and stresses through controlled movements and breathing patterns.


Come to one of our beginner yoga classes. You don’t need to be extra flexible, we’ll make it work for you!

Stardbroke Island Group Event Coming!
Express Your Interest Now – Saturday October 17th!



Welcome to the first of many to come island weekend warrior events that we will be aiming to hold several times per year.

Each event includes the below options:

Come for the day $TBC (inclusions below)

  • Straddie Flyer Return Trip.
  • Local All Day Bus Pass.
  • Morning Tea / Lunch / Afternoon Tea
  • Morning Team Activities.
  • Late Morning Individual Fitness Challenges.
  • Casual Relax & Swim. 
  • Team Chill Out Stretch Session.


What to Bring For Day Trip!

  • Backpack.
  • Water Bottle & Spare Water.
  • Workout Clothes / Swimming Clothes / Fresh Clothes.
  • Hats / Sunscreen / Zinc.
  • Footwear (Shoes / Thongs / Sandals)
  • Personal Hygiene Extras.
  • Towels (Workout / Swim)
  • Extra Food Snacks.

The date has been set and more details will be coming soon…



Coach Nicci Speaking Listen up!
Always Believe in Yourself!



Hi Crew, first of all I just want to say wow what an amazing 6-week challenge and a big congratulations to all of the members that took part and the results that you had. Hard work really does pay off!

What is the focus for everyone heading into the last part of 2020?

For me it is working my fitness up to 2 endurance events.
I am competing in the last week of November in the Spartan Ultra
50+ kms 60+ obstacles.

Then in the first week of December I will be doing the Gold coast 50 which is a 50km run held at the Gold coast.

So, what is involved training wise. I have maintained my fitness so it is a balance between building my strength and running kms up from where I am now.

I have a 16 week run plan which is mainly building up my long runs each week and will also include fuelling my body with amazing whole food.

I am super excited and can’t wait for these events. I am hoping they go ahead but will be training as though they are so that I am ready.

This is a great time of the year to plan some goals to keep focus. I would love to chat to you guys about any goals you have and help you plan your path to reaching and achieving them.

Stay amazing crew🤙 Nic

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