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Fit Stuff Saturday Team Challenge 2012 Final Week 8 Results!!


2012 Fit Stuff Saturday Team Challenge has begun!!

We would like to wish both the Team Dingo’s & Team Roo’s all the best for the physical challenge clash commencing Saturday the 23rd of June.

Team Roo’s had a narrow biting win last year captained by Cameron, Team Dingo’s captained by Nate are looking to even the score in 2012!!

Good Luck to both teams!!

Week 1:

Fantastic morning to both teams & trainers!!  Both teams displayed team work, good sportsmanship and enthusiasm, the Fit Stuff trainers would like to congratulate both teams on an amazing effort!!  Scores at the end of Week 1 are : Dingo’s Team Captain Nathan on 20 points and Roo’s Team Captain Cameron on 15 points.  Extremely close and we are excited about Week 2!!

Week 2:

Another brilliant morning to both teams and trainers!!  Both teams showed determination and displayed great team work. Unfortunately the Dingo’s were beaten, this will make next week even tougher but they are up for the challenge!!  Congratulations to the Roo’s on dominating the morning.  Scores at the end of Week 2 are: Dingo’s Team Captain Nathan on 22 points. Team Roo’s Captain Cameron on 47 points!! Each week there are 35 points up for grabs so it is any bodies game.  Good luck to both teams.

Week 3:

So here comes the all mighty Dingo’s!!  Fantastic team challenge on Saturday, the Dingo’s were hungry and fought back to take the lead at the end of Week 3.  The Roo’s played tough and were there working hard the whole time, very close and a massive high five to both teams.  Scores at the end of Week 3:  Dingo’s, Team Captain Nathan total points 57!!  Team Roo’s, Team Captain Cameron total points 47!!  This brings the scores back to almost even, it is still any teams game!!  Well done guys fantastic team effort!!

Week 4:

Wow!!  What a wet Saturday for both teams, the weather was not in favour but both teams gave it all they had.  Team Roo’s won the 1st game taking 10 points, then the Dingo’s dominated for the next 3 games taking a total of 25 points for the morning.  A massive congratulations to all members who turned up in the bad weather and toughed it out, we are proud of your efforts!!  Scores at the end of half way Week 4: Dingo’s leading, Team Captain (Nathan & Rachel) total points 82!! Team Roo’s, Team Captain Cameron total points 57!!  There is not much in it at all, it’s still any teams game.  Well done teams on an amazing effort so far : )

Week 5:

We are now over the half way for Round 3 of the Fit Stuff team challenge. Fantastic turn out and a brilliant effort from both teams. The Dingo’s in 2012 are looking strong taking a bigger lead with another successful Saturday. Scores at the end of Week 5: Dingo’s leading, Team Captain (Nathan & Rachel) total points 103!! Roo’s, Team Captain Cameron total points 67!! With 3 weeks remaining, both teams will need to work hard to take the win in week 8.  Top effort everyone : )

Week 6:

Boom Boom!!  Here come the Roo’s, back in the game after cleaning up 30 points in total this morning with the Dingo’s only taking 5 points.  Both teams played hard and competed well, so we congratulate all team members on a brilliant turn out and effort on this cold winters morning!!  We have 2 weeks remaining and the total points at the end of Week 6 are: Dingo’s still leading with Team Captain Nathan total points 108!! Roo’s just behind with Team Captain Cameron total points 97!! We have a game guys, it’s any bodies win here and with 2 weeks remaining!!

Week 7:

Unbelievable!! Such a nail bitter this morning, both teams went head to head in week 7 with scores almost locked. Team Roos & Dingos started strong with a tie in the first game, game 2 Roos had a win, game 3 Dingos had a win and scores are still locked. Tug of War was swept clean by the Roos giving them an extra 5 points closer to the Dingos. Total points at the end of Week 7 are: Dingo’s still leading total points 122, Roo’s total points 116!!  Next week is the decider guys, keep up the great work and sit tight and hang on for one hell of a hit out next Saturday!!  The Decider!!

Week 8:

WOW!  What a final for both the Roos & Dingos, it all came down to tug-of-war!! Team Dingos went into the final with a 4 point lead which ended up saving them with a loss in 2 of the games.  The Dingos managed to win 1 game which kept them alive.  Game 3 was a nail bitter with the Roos winning pushing it into a decider in the tug-of-war!!  With the Roos having the best track record for the tug-of-war, the Dingos had to give it all they had.  The Dingo’s have been crowned the 2012 Fit Stuff Team Challenge winners with a clean sweep in the tug-of-war.  A massive congratulations goes out to both teams on an amazing effort!!  Dummy spit awards went to Dean O’Bryan from the Roos and Matty Louttit.  Best & Fairest awards went to Nathan Lyson from the Dingos and Kathy Jamieson & Katrina Kennedy from the Roos!  Rest up teams and until next year when we go head to head for the third Fit Stuff Team Challenge.


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