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Fit Stuff Newsletter – Some Awesome Updates!

I’m very proud to announce that Fit Stuff was nominated as business of the month by Redlands Chamber of Commerce. I can honestly say that I owe this to you the members and personalities of the business that welcomes people into our extended Fit Stuff family.

A special thank you goes to Rachel Smith for pushing me to apply and believing in me and the nature and structure of Fit Stuff. For those of you that are new to our team I can say that Fit Stuff has been built on integrity, passion, energy and inspiration from those who supported and believed in me.

At Fit Stuff we take a holistic approach to all aspects of your fitness, with our focus on longevity, health, mental and physical fitness. Fit Stuff thrives on building an atmosphere and culture across our members that enhances and builds friendships and team morale.

As a way of supporting other local businesses and business owners that are Fit Stuff members I have created a business networks page. This page allows businesses an opportunity to promote themselves through our Fit Stuff network of members.

If you visit our website and under the about tab you will see in the drop down business networks – click here. Or simply click this link to take you straight there Business Networks . You can also access this page via our Fit Stuff app that is free to download from your app store – click services – click Supporting Businesses.

You will see each business lists their business logo, contact details a brief about their business and a promotion or saving for been a Fit Stuff member. If the nature of the business does not allow them to offer these they have been added as a recommendation and highly regarded referral by myself.

We currently have 18 local businesses listed on our networks page – absolutely amazed and grateful to these businesses. Remember to redeem any of the offers promoted and listed you will need to present your Fit Stuff membership card. If you feel you have a local business that would benefit or would love to join our network please email us today – [email protected]

Each month we will be recognising 1-2 members for their team morale, support, positive attitudes and motivation for other members. Welcoming new members and making them feel part of the team is also a crucial part in receiving this award. Session frequency is also another key factor that contributes to a member receiving a special gift for been an amazing Fit Stuff member!

By Nathan

Hi everyone! I'm Nate Devlin and I want to share something with you. How good would it be to live longer, feel stronger, reduce disease for the price of a large take-away coffee?. I believe I have the answer & I would like to share our members first hand experience & reviews with you. Having a positive impact on peoples lives, helps create a positive lifestyle change. Life is to be enjoyed to the fullest, so surround yourself with what makes you happy. Read my bio

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