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Information & Benefits of YOGA!

Kate Achachlouei will be joining the Fit Stuff timetable 2-3 times in each 10 week round on Fridays 530am! Kate’s next YOGA class will be Friday the 24th of November! It would be great to have as many of you there as possible to try it out for the first time or again for those who have attended Kate’s class previously and gave fantastic feedback!

The word YOGA actually means “union”, so it’s a practice of uniting the breath and the movement, to create balance in the mind & body.

The relaxing breath techniques can help to regulate blood pressure, calm anxiety, reduce insomnia, headaches, arthritis, and inflammation in the body.

Physically & mentally, YOGA allows us to increase our flexibility and strength. It also helps us to become more mindful and body aware.

One of the best things about YOGA is that it’s a completely individual practice, so you do what’s right for your body, choose the appropriate level or variation for your capabilities or how you’re feeling, so anyone can do it! YOGA really allows you to embrace your uniqueness!




Tess Prince from Motion Sport & Remedial Massage is a Diploma qualified Remedial Massage Therapist, a certified Pregnancy Massage Therapist and is a registered member of the Australian Association Massage Therapists (AAMT).

In her practice Tess works closely with people from all different backgrounds & activity levels. She tailors her treatments to each individual client.

She is an advocate for living a healthy lifestyle & with a strong background in fitness, in particular cycling & triathlons, she has a passion for working with active, body aware, like minded people of all ages.

“At Motion Sport & Remedial Massage not only do we treat the symptoms of your current muscular pain or discomfort but we also place great importance on identifying the underlying cause of the dysfunction. We also emphasise the value of stretching or strengthening exercises as this can empower clients to facilitate changes in their own bodies”

Phone: 0435255896

Tess considers herself fortunate to be actively involved in your journey to wellness and looks forward to meeting you at her clinic.

10% off your treatment for Fit Stuff members!

Each month we will be recognising 1 or 2 members for their attendance, team morale, support, positive attitudes and motivation for other members. Welcoming new members and making them feel part of the team is also a crucial part in receiving this award. Session frequency is also another key factor that contributes to a member receiving a special gift for been an amazing Fit Stuff member!

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