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Fit Stuff Kids is here!!

We welcome all parents to the newest part of our business.  Fit Stuff Kids!!  We have been developing this program for the past 6 months and we are now finally ready to take this fantastic kids program and use it to help all children between 5-11 years of age. Our main focus and objective is to offer a health & fitness program that is life changing for children of these age groups.

“If weight gain continues the path it is following, by the year 2020, 80% of all Australian adults and a third of all children will be overweight or obese”

“A study in Queensland showed that up to 30% of Australian children have low fitness levels while 60% have poor motor skills”

“50% of obese adolescents continue to be obese as adults”

Basically, what you can see from statistics like these is that being overweight or obesity in a child is increasing. Our Fit Stuff Kids program is the perfect way to get your children outdoors, to become more active, and to help them interact with other children of a similar age within a healthy and fun environment.

The aim of the program is not only just to improve your child/children’s general health, but to assist and educate your child/children as well. We focus on all areas such as coordination, balance, core strength, nutrition and we also allow the children the opportunity to feel accepted into something special while having fun at the same time.

We are offering an introductory rate for all new sign ups and your kids get to try their first day for free.

For all enquiries & registration forms please email us at [email protected]



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