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Fit Stuff Important Update

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT UPDATES – Everything You Need to Know!

What’s our plan of attack?

We have full intensions of continuing our Fit Stuff service but with an extension into your homes. Now some of you maybe thinking how this works, well imagine having Nicci or Nate running classes at your place?

HAHAHA – Yes, our thoughts exactly! Its going to happen and we will be launching Round 2 Monday the 20th of April! Once we have a list of members wanting to join us online, we will create a practice run this Sunday between 12pm-1pm. Further details are below.

We are anticipating most, if not all of Round 2 will be operating online. Unless we are told otherwise, we are preparing ourselves for this.

The 2 week school holiday program will be FREE to all current Fit Stuff members. We will invite you over to the new VFS Movement Facebook Group. We will live stream sessions at 6am via Zoom on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. Kellye will post nutrition posts twice a week, Nicci will work on mindset on Wednesdays and Nate will continue his live stream accountability and motivation coaching on Saturday’s.

Any members that would like to continue with the online service will remain active in the VFS Movement page and will move on to the new pricing structure. Any members that choose to opt out of the online program will be removed from the VFS Movement Facebook page and won’t receive links to our online workouts. Either way both Nicci and Nate support your decisions and are doing our absolute best to accommodate everyone.


What’s happening with your memberships?

Final debits are this Friday to allow a clean and easy up to date session tracking completion for Round 1. After Friday this will be the stop of all debits until further notice! This also allows us to freeze your remaining sessions whether you paid through our debit system or upfront.

Sessions/classes that you have paid for will not expire therefore the current terms & conditions we created for 2020 will not apply. Once we receive the green health light to operate outdoors your pre-paid training packages will commence exactly from where they left off.

For any members who have paid upfront or via debit for Bronze and Silver Packages as mentioned above, your sessions will be recorded and secured ready to go once we are cleared. Again, usage time restrictions do not apply for these training packages due to these circumstances.

For any members who have paid upfront for Platinum Packages, this week in dollar value will be deducted from the next purchase total depending when we kick off due to these circumstances.

For any members who have paid upfront for Annual Packages, this week and until we kick off again will either be an extension to your package or the same time converted in dollar value and deducted from your renewal.


Fit Stuff is your community!

Together we have built and created a community of like-minded and positive people and it’s because of you that we have survived for so long. Some of you have seen the highs and lows of what Fit Stuff has endured and some of you have not, either way you are still here supporting the brand you believe in!

We obviously do not have the financial backing like other gyms such as Goodlife and F45 and those alike. We are a boutique, unique energy charged wellness business that has personality and character and a real care factor that’s genuine and authentic for our members.

You are not a number to us, we know you well and your families and together we can build inner and external strength that will allow us to conquer anything that stands in our way!

We truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support XOXO



Our New Online System – The VFS Movement!

Our online platform The VFS Movement is a step into the future and will be a permanent addition to our business moving forward.

We consider ourselves to be resilient and proactive therefore the release and introduction is what you see before you.

Pricing structure will be a light and lean $20 per week for you and the family via direct debit, either through our system or a direct automatic transfer from your system with all payments to be made each Friday. This is a single level membership that includes what’s listed below:

  • Daily live streaming classes starting at 6am Monday to Friday.
  • All classes are recorded and can be accessed at any time.
  • Only VFS members will receive an invitation to this closed group page.
  • Access to Nate’s easy to follow 10-minute warm-up video.
  • Access to Nicci’s easy to follow cool-down and relax video.
  • Kellye’s weekly video and food saving tips.
  • Weekly healthy, refreshing, tasty and immune fighting recipes.
  • Nicci’s weekly mindset and mindfulness video.
  • Nate’s weekly motivation and accountability coaching video.
Book your membership now by emailing [email protected]


What’s Zoom?

Zoom is an online platform The VFS Movement will be using for our online video and live streaming system. The beautiful addition of this program is that it allows us into your home!

Zoom can be used through your phone, but you will need to download the Zoom app for FREE! Otherwise if you are planning on using your computer, you will NOT need to download anything! Please ensure your computer has the latest software updates and is connected to your home internet.

A simple HDMI cable can be run from your computer to your TV if this is your preferred option to increase viewing capacity and clarity. These can be purchased from JB HIFI if required.

FYI I will be setting a spare TV up downstairs with my laptop next to it both connected to one another via a HDMI cable. This allows me to view and operate with ease, this is to help paint the picture so you can decide how you would like to set up your workout zone.

The Process is as Follows:

  • Practice Zoom test will be this Sunday between 12pm-1pm.
  • An email invitation link will be sent to your chosen email this Saturday.
  • 12pm Sunday you will need to click this link and join the online group.
  • This will allow you to experience how this platform will operate.
  • You can have video on or off, meaning I can or cannot see you.
  • We will be doing sound checks so that you can clearly hear me.
  • Once you feel comfortable you may leave the group ready for Monday.
  • I will remain present between 12pm-1pm encase you are running late.
  • Click HERE to read about Zoom, no need to create an account.

Mindset & Mindfulness Tips from Nicci!

Hi Crew,
I hope you are all well and handling the current situation with as much positivity as possible. Over the next few weeks while we are doing our training online I will be bringing you positivity and mindset tips. This could be anything from meditations to relaxation breathing to chatting about ways to cope with and calm down the thoughts that are happening in your mind. This will be amazing for the whole family and I look forward to bringing it to you.

So to start us off I want you to really find what you are grateful for today. We can get very caught up in the negative which can start a spiral of negativity. Start right now thinking of 3 things you are grateful for. This will start the positive thoughts and help you find some happiness.

Remember this isn’t a time to hibernate. Keep a routine, keep in contact with people, keep active, set new goals that fit our current situation and put in place what you need to achieve them.

Look after yourself and everyone around you. Cheers Nic




Immune Boosting Tips from Kellye!

Bone broths are an amazing fundamental to creating an immune building menu for the family. I will talk you through and show videos on how you can use this in your weekly cooking.

My kitchen’s most important and valued recipe would have to also be my most simple. Homemade Chicken Stock. Grab my recipe HERE.

My Berry Blue Smoothie is immune boosting and deliciously fresh, grab the recipe HERE.

I love my Oats. I love them piping hot served with berries and a dash of cold almond milk. I never tire of the same breakfast each and every morning. They’re my absolute favourite!  Grab the recipe HERE

See you in the FVS Facebook Group, Kellye.



Cheers Nate and Nicci

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