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Fit Stuff February News

    As we officially spread our wings and fly towards an even more exciting Fit Stuff calendar year loaded with events, challenges and life changing experiences.
    The best part about it all is that you share and celebrate these victories and experiences with genuine like-minded people.
    For anyone that has not been with us for some time please read all the details below that will guide you through to re-joining your team.
    Please click this link for our latest terms & conditions.
    Round 1 Registration Details Below:
    Summer is here so let us kick off your Lifestyle / Mindset / Movement & Longevity journey for 2020!

    • Round 1 has started!
    • New Member Registrations are still open!
    • Bronze, Silver, Platinum and Annual Training Packages available!
    • Round 1 weekly direct debit payments are each Friday!
    • Please email us for more details [email protected]



Important Events & Monthly Details!
The first Tuesday of every month your Fit Stuff newsletter will hit your inbox, and the content is super valuable to you our members. We have created events inside the members only Facebook group page, and invitations will be sent before the round commences.
Round 1 events have been created, and invitations have been sent so please check them out ASAP!
What we need you to do is visit these events and read the information and click either: Going | Not Going | Interested. This allows us to manage numbers and plan more accurately for each event.
Each newsletter will have a reminder about what events are on the calendar for that month. If you do not have access to the members only closed Facebook group page please email me [email protected] If you do not have a Facebook account you will need to notify me each time you receive the Fit Stuff newsletter.
This month we have only one event booked and planned, and details are listed below:

  • WHAT: Calisthenics (Body Weight) Workout Challenge Event!
  • WHERE: Bar Fit Unit 4-55 Neumann Road Capalaba
  • WHEN: 29th February 6am – 7am
  • WHY: Trying something new / Learn about mobility & movement / Lifting your fitness game / Stepping out of your comfort zone!


Member of The Month Prizes! We want to reward a member each month with an even bigger and better gift pack for representing what it means to be recognised as a Fit Stuff member of the month.
If you receive this award it’s because you have displayed attributes, qualities and comradely that support and encourage your fellow Fit Stuff team members. This award also recognises leadership and mate ship towards both current and new team members.
What’s included in your member of the month gift pack:
Save 10% plus FREE shipping off a pair of Leguano Barefoot Shoes!

  • Clean Life Collective FREE 1 Hour Consultation!
  • EP $25 Gift Card Towards the next 2020 Ultimate 8 Challenge!
  • FREE Coffee at The Park Social for you and a Friend!
  • $30 Gift Card to Experience a Recovery Session at Five Fit!
  • FREE Car Bar from Scentsy by Jodie!
  • $60 Single Private Coaching Session at Bar Fit!


Check Out Your New Member Rewards Program!
As you may have seen in our previous newsletter your new and improved member rewards program has extended its partnership to six local businesses that are all in alignment with the Fit Stuff ethos.
Specifically, we have broken down the independent professional business services into the below categories:

•    Conscious Eating – Clean Life Collective (Kellye O’Brien)
•    Conditioning – Elite Performance (Rhys Trombetta)
•    Recovery – Five Fit (Jaiden & Carry)
•    Movement – Bar Fit (Ryan Karas)
•    Mobility – Leguano Barefoot Shoes (Nate Devlin)
•    Nourish Socially – DHC Coffee Co. (Dan Field)

These categories, businesses & business owners form the Fit Stuff health and wellness community, that you are now part of. Please visit the Member Rewards area to familiarise yourself with your entitlements. 

The final piece to the puzzle that allows you all the member reward access is your very own Fit Stuff Membership Card! Please speak with Nicci or Nate if you are not in possession of one of these and they will arrange one for you.


New Challenge Alert!!!
 May 2020 will be the release of our new challenge program CUT THE B.S! 
This program is 6-Weeks in duration and has been developed to drive you towards your maximum fitness and accountability potential.

CUT THE B.S 6-WEEK CHALLENGE will introduce you to accountability measures that will create the focal point week in and week out. This challenge is the product built from what works and if you want to achieve your goals then CUT THE B.S. 

Express your interest now by emailing [email protected] add CUT THE B.S 6-WEEK CHALLENGE into your email subject.

More details to be released in our March edition newsletter…

Nicci’s New’s….

Hi everyone, I’m loving the energy you have brought to week 1.In my video I spoke about goal setting and wanted to remind you all of a couple of key points to remember when setting your goals for this year.

1.Set your goals with intention.
2.Write your goals down, this turns your goal into a plan and makes it easier to achieve.
3.Share your goals with Nate and I so we can help you achieve your goals and keep you accountable.
4.Set a timeline so that you have an idea on when you would like to achieve your goal by and appreciate the small achievements along the way.
5.Be patient and give yourself time but work hard to get to that goal.


I am really looking forward to seeing you all grow and achieve amazing things this year.See you at training.


Cheers Nate and Nicci

By Nathan

Hi everyone! I'm Nate Devlin and I want to share something with you. How good would it be to live longer, feel stronger, reduce disease for the price of a large take-away coffee?. I believe I have the answer & I would like to share our members first hand experience & reviews with you. Having a positive impact on peoples lives, helps create a positive lifestyle change. Life is to be enjoyed to the fullest, so surround yourself with what makes you happy. Read my bio