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Who Would Like to See Yoga More Frequently on The Timetable?

Our amazing Yoga instructor Kate is doing such an amazing job and I’m asking you the members if you would attend the Yoga session if it was more frequent on the timetable? If I have enough members commit and agree to attend the session through out the warmer weather I will speak with Kate and arrange fortnightly then hopefully weekly!

Please email me at [email protected] to confirm your Yoga 530am Friday session so I can arrange the changes ASAP.



I recently learnt a whole lot more about specific foods and nutrition that help promote a reduction in our bodies inflammation levels.

Do you know what causes inflammation? Alcohol and medications, emotional stress, physical stress, hormonal imbalance, diet, allergies and chemicals “

These are just some of the foods you need to eat more of to assist with your bodies ability to reduce inflammation and to help fight potential lifestyle diseases. Eat lots of Tomatoes, Olives, Green Leafy Vegetables, Nuts, Fatty Fish and Fruit! If your diet lacks in fruit and vegetables you are potentially on a pathway that could possibly lead to an increased risk in Type II Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, Arthritic Conditions, Mental Health and many more…

Each month we will be recognising 1 or 2 members for their attendance, team morale, support, positive attitudes and motivation for other members. Welcoming new members and making them feel part of the team is also a crucial part in receiving this award. Session frequency is also another key factor that contributes to a member receiving a special gift for been an amazing Fit Stuff member!

By Nathan

Hi everyone! I'm Nate Devlin and I want to share something with you. How good would it be to live longer, feel stronger, reduce disease for the price of a large take-away coffee?. I believe I have the answer & I would like to share our members first hand experience & reviews with you. Having a positive impact on peoples lives, helps create a positive lifestyle change. Life is to be enjoyed to the fullest, so surround yourself with what makes you happy. Read my bio

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