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ROUND 4 Registration Details & Progress Report!ROUND 4 – Game on Team!It has been a super electric and energy fuelled start to the round with attendance consistently up in the high 80’s and 90’s which is absolutely fantastic!We have quite a few new members who have joined the Fit Stuff team and family, so please make them feel welcome and introduce yourself when you see them.This round will power through until Saturday the 12th of December the final Saturday class for 2020! Continue to bring your energy and positivity and let’s support and carry each other through until Christmas.We all should be striving to be the strongest, healthiest and happiest we have been throughout this crazy year that no one will ever forget!Round 4 Registration Details Below:Spring / Summer is here so let us embrace the weather change and continue to push forward working on the best version of you!Week 2 is almost down, and we take new registrations all year round!Upfront payments available for all training packages!Weekly debit options available for all training packages!Please email for more details [email protected]
Please Follow New Registration Process!New Registration & Payment Process for All Members!Firstly, thank you for your patience with the integration of the new Stripe payment system that is now your new go to membership renewal and package upgrade platform.As a passionate and community based local business we have always strived to keep our prices competitive and our services second to none! We have never increased our prices because we believe that Fit Stuff should be a service that can be affordable to all budgets and families. Therefore, a business standard 1.74% payment servicing fee is attached to all payments and membership options both weekly debit and upfront purchases. Taking this into consideration we will not be adjusting any membership pricing moving forward into the foreseeable future.Stripe payment options below:Bank AccountVisa DebitCredit CardInvoiceTo register, renew or upgrade your training packages visit scroll down until you see the training packages table. At the bottom of each training package you will see an orange button that says, “Sign Up!” click here and follow the prompts. 
New Classes & Details Please Read Ahead!New & Returning Classes Reminder!Friday 530am fortnightly Yoga class with Jo is underway and will be on the odd number weeks for all of round 4!Jo’s words “Kate said this group would be a great way to kick off my teaching experience and they won’t be too mad if I get my lefts and rights mixed up, LOL. “. We are excited to have her join us! Please add this class to your regime and use this class to work on balance, core and improving your mobility and flexibility. Yoga is the perfect mindset preparation for your day that allows you to become present by grounding your thoughts and stresses through controlled movements and breathing patterns. Tuesday 515pm family friendly class is an absolute blast for both the adults and the kids and everyone has a great time with a great workout blended in! Nicci delivers the perfect mix of fun and training into this class and if you are wanting to get your kids active with you then this is your class!Thursday 8am Calisthenics class 101 strength, mobility and movement progression class. This class was added to the timetable last Round 3 and has also been a huge favourite amongst the group. This class is designed to reset and retrain natural and correct movement by focussing on positioning and activation through the core, shoulder blades, glutes and more.Calisthenics stands for ‘Strength and Beauty’. Having complete body strength and control allows you to progress into a range of skills such as Handstands, Shoulder Stands, L-sits and baseline Planche holds and many more…If you have been a slave to the office chair for most your career, then this class is perfect for you and anyone else lacking mind and body control. Minimise your risk of injuries by improving your strength and mobility.
Final Team Event for 2020 – Limited to 20 Participants Do Not Miss Out!Welcome to the first of many to come island weekend warrior events that we will be aiming to hold several times per year.Come for the Day $99 (inclusions below)
Included Cleveland Flyer Departure 6:55am Flyer Return 1:25pm.Food included morning tea, lunch and snacks.Local bus fare included to shuttle from One Mile to Point Lookout.What to Expect!Cylinder Beach for warm-up, stretch and games.Morning Tea at Cylinder Beach then group walk to Deadmans Beach for the sand dune challenge.Swim and free time.Frenchmans Beach stair climb challenge.Point Lookout Gorge Walk/Run then lunch and relax.Depart Point Lookout for home!Total Weekend Warrior participants for this event are 20 so do not miss out!!!What to Bring for Day Trip!
Backpack, Water Bottle & Spare Water.Workout Clothes / Swimming Clothes / Fresh Clothes.Hats / Sunscreen / Zinc.Footwear (Shoes / Thongs / Sandals)Personal Hygiene Extras.Towels (Workout / Swim)Extra Food Snacks.
Let’s Celebrate 2020 Together!Let’s Celebrate Together & Send Off 2020!Team we are wanting to get you all together for an end of 2020 & Christmas send-off Barefoot Bowls Party in Cleveland! 

We would love to have you come along and join us for a fun time between 4-6pm with an open invite for anyone wanting to continue out for dinner and drinks afterwards. 

Please lock this date, day and time into your calendar and I will roll out further details in the coming weeks! 

Super excited team, we thought we would arrange this celebration earlier to beat the rush and ensure we can have as many of you there as possible. 

Please email us [email protected]to confirm you will be joining us!
Coach Nicci Speaking Listen up!Fuel Your Body With Whole Foods!Nic’s Delicious Protein Ball / Slice Recipe!Hi crew, so as you all know I have a couple of endurance events coming up at the end of the year. Over the next few newsletters I will be sharing some great recipes and tips on fuelling your body with the right nutrition as it is such an important part of your training.Firstly, make sure you are getting all the nutrients you are needing to stay on top of training and to keep up your strength.Secondly to prevent fatigue, and irritability as this turn to flat training sessions.It is also so important when training for an event to train with the nutrition you plan to use for the event. I will delve into this next newsletter.So, the first step is to book your event, know the distance, set your training plan then your nutritional plan. Eating whole foods and the same number of calories that you will be burning during your workouts. For me this means adding an extra meal into my day. Remember if it has no nutritional value it is not going to do anything for your body. It is all about whole food and a balance that is right for the training that you are doing. If you choose to go for a packet of something keep it as close to the real deal as possible. Numbers and words that you do not recognise are not foods and will take your body longer to process.Eating whole foods allows your body to process the food easily therefore it does not burn up energy and allows your body to heal itself from your training instead of trying to process the food. WIN WIN I believe.So have your training plan so that you can set up your nutritional plan which Nate and I are happy to help you with. This is ultimately going to lead you to success. Below is my recipe for protein balls/slice. It is always great to have a good sweet snack on hand. Enjoy Nic!PROTEIN SLICE/BALLS1/4 cup pumpkin seeds3/4 cup almonds1/4 cup cashews10 walnuts approx.BLEND UNTIL FINELY CHOPPEDAdd 1, 1/2 cups of dates I like organic medjool dates.BLEND!Add 2 scoops of protein powder I use Amazonia raw protein.1/2 cup of desiccated coconut.2 large or 4 small squares of high quality dark chocolate. ·  BLEND UNTIL MIXED!Add 2 Tbsp of pure honey.1 Tbsp of coconut oil.1/2 teaspoon of vanilla paste and a pinch of salt.·  BLEND AGAIN!You can make these into balls and roll in coconut or a nice dukkha. You must knead it quickly then press into a tray to make a slice. Either way once you have prepared it pop it into the fridge to set. Enjoy! 

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