Here’s the deal – Wearing 5XL clothes and 138kg to bring in 2011! What a wake up call.  My bucket list included jumping out of a plane – unfortunately I had to be less than 100kg!  My kids are my world, my life and I couldn’t guarantee my future at 138kg.  Was I always going to be known as the “˜FAT BASTARD”?

How can I be the best for my children when I stopped caring about me?  To be the best dad I can be I needed to take charge of my life, put myself first and meet the challenge of weight loss head on.  Joining a local gym was the first step on my new journey to healthy living.  How my world changed when I met Nathan and the Fit Stuff team.

Boot camp and group training has became my new world and I quickly realized what I had been missing out on.  There is nothing better than training in the cold, freezing mornings during winter: tyre squats and shoulder presses until breaking point.  You truly appreciate that I am ALIVE, and getting healthy again

What keeps me going?  The amazing team I train with – the committed, hardcore friends, I have made on this journey, Chris, Dee, Nicky, Jeannine and Jamie, whom all have inspired and pushed me further than I have ever strived for in my life.

I would never be where I am today without the Fit Stuff team of Nathan, Cam, Rolf and Chris who don’t ever take “˜I can’t’ as an answer.  That included NO excuses even with a busted thumb, wearing a neon pick guard and thus becoming known as Pinky.

Where to now? Firstly a new wardrobe, and yes it was awesome having a shop assistant tell me the XXL was to big and to fit the XL shirt….definitely jumping out of a plane, keeping up with my kids, enjoying life and yes, chasing those hot girls!!!!

I’m telling you, you will love these guys as much as I do, Thank you Fit Stuff,

You guys are dead set legends and the motivation and self-belief you give to a person highlights what marvelous people you are! Cant wait to do it all again

So, what about you? Take the challenge, embrace the journey and join Nathan and the team at Fit Stuff to learn about living life again!


Dewain Before



Dewain After



Dewain After

By Fitstuff

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