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I had always been a big girl… and always a bit of a tomboy… I would sit on the sidelines at sporting events and think I could do that if I wasn’t so big… or that’s just not physically possible…

So when I moved to Brisbane last year, I decided to make a change and commit to making a change in my health and fitness… I had been competing as a power lifter for a little while and had been training through that… but had very little motivation to continue on with it as my weight was ballooning out to a number I don’t even want to remember. I had Hit 147kgs at my heaviest and was depressed and doing my best to hide from the world.

So…through a local Gym I found my trainer Rolf and the Team from Fit Stuff. I always thought I was far too unfit to participate in a Boot camps or personal training sessions, but The Team at Fit Stuff showed me that the words “I Can’t” Should have never existed in my vocabulary. I found a strength within myself, and a sheer determination to not only reach my goal… to get under the 100kg mark for the first time in my adult life… but smash it and never look back.

Rolf, Nate, Cam and Chris never let me give up and helped me to believe in my capabilities and myself. They pushed me to perform sessions that previously I would have laughed at and walked away from. Somehow along the way Fit Stuff made me the Tug-Of-War Queen! (Well I like to think so anyways! Hahaha)

I have been going to the Saturday boot camps for just on a year now, and have made some awesome friends, gotten a few bruises along the way, but have loved every Sunny / Rainey / Dirty moment of it. There is nothing more satisfying then coming home after a boot camp and washing all the dirt off… to me it means you have worked hard today… Most of all I have learnt that I don’t have to be the funny fat girl cheering from the sidelines… Instead I can be the Funny Loud Girl, Screaming from the middle, helping motivate my team to a win.

Rolf and the Fit Stuff Crew have inspired me to learn more about fitness and next year I will be studying my Cert 3 and 4 in fitness so that I can maybe help the Funny fat girls out there realize there is more to life then sitting on the sidelines… Thank you Guys! I will be forever grateful for the New Life you have inspired me to Live.



Dee Before
Dee Before



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Dee After


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Innovative, fun and affordable Fit Stuff bootcamps, are here in the Redlands. Here at Fit Stuff we offer a wide variety of enjoyable fitness programs for groups and individuals of any age and fitness level. Our services are aimed at helping & motivating the local community. We tailor all our health & fitness programs to the general public, kids of all ages, sporting teams, corporate businesses and social groups of all kinds. Read more

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