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“Was one of the best fitness challenges I have been on with real body changing results. Challenges were also tough to fit the time in to complete when I was doing 7 boot camps a week.”



Katrina Beutel

David McLucas

Kate Bietz

Paul Lees

Mirela Lane

Bridget Charles

Jacqui Baker

Michelle Rosiak

Michael Kling

Glen Wright

Rachel Smith

Marion Smith

Andy Bromich

Mereoni Duncan

Pam Kelly

Rebecca Fitzgerald

Karla Hamilton

Kellye O’Brien

Sue Newbury

Deb Lees

Sophie Ismail

Dave Hunter

Rebecca Shearon

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“Totally worth the money invested and I would definitely recommend the program to anyone who wants not only to get fit but healthier as well.”


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“Great challenge! Understand the amount of work that has gone into this and I can see that you have lived and breathed this challenge Nathan and that, I am sure, everyone is grateful for.”


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“Nate it was obvious you poured your heart and soul into this challenge mate and you should be very proud of what you developed and rolled out to us. With your trusty sidekick Nicci you ran awesome classes over the 6 weeks and despite the absence of red meat and yoghurt Kellye did a phenomenal job with the food. I thought capping the number at 25 was a great idea, it made it easier to get to know everyone and the 6 weeks is a perfect length of time. There are a couple of things I would change in my own performance over the 6 weeks, mostly mental and mindset but that’s for me to get straight in my own head. I don’t think I could have trained any harder or fit in any more exercise. I’m not the lightest I’ve been at the end of a challenge but it is the strongest and healthiest I’ve felt for as long as I can remember. Thanks to the 3 of you, I knew the challenge would be well prepared and well run and provide every member with the support they needed to make the 6 weeks a success for them and looking at everyone on Sunday I know you’ve done that.”


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“This challenge has given me the know how to set goals and how to achieve them by making a plan, focus, accountability, refocusing, always moving forward, readjusting, and keeping positive. Daily communication was vital to keeping a positive mind and to keep on track and to receive Nates incredible energy and genuine encouragement and social media group page was fantastic to get encouragement and show encouragement to other challenge members which builds connections and accountability. No one gets left behind couldn’t be more true of this challenge. This challenge is very unique and I was proud to be a part of it. Nate, I now feel I can be more of my true self. I was closed off for a time long but now I have a more positive mindset and overall aura energy is stronger so I can move forward. With much love and gratitude. I look forward to continuing my journey with FS.”