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I arrived in Australia in March 2009 to start a new job and potentially a new life here. I moved to Brisbane in June 2009 and settled in Cleveland.  We found it to be very similar to what we came from in Wales, UK.

Being new to the area and the country, I had to find a way to socialise, so my partner and I joined the local Goodlife gym. Thought if we are going to live here we will have to fit in and fitness seemed to be a way of life here. We had always led a rich foods lifestyle, lots of eating out at restaurants and gastro pubs. This had to change as we were both carrying a few extra kilos.

I always thought I carried them quite well until the camera came out. I never liked my appearance in any photo as it showed my extra weight. My partner decided to participate in the 12 week challenge where she chose Chris as her PT. He convinced her to go to a Saturday morning boot camp and I went along for support. I was quite surprised how unfit I actually was, so I made a point of attending boot camp religiously and still do.

After just over a year in Australia, I have attended almost every session (now 4 times a week). I have made some great friends and I have never felt as fit as I do now since my teens (some 15 years ago). I have so far lost almost 20kilos in weight and hope to see 25kilos by the time I leave for the UK in June 2010. Not one item of clothing I brought with me now fits, so I will be travelling very light on the way home.

I am sure that my family and friends in the UK will be impressed with the transformation and I am truly grateful for the time, effort and motivation that both Chris and Nathan have put in to making the Redlands residents healthier.

Once again, many thanks Fit Stuff.

May you continue to be successful in your venture and have many more stories of success.



Craig Before
Craig Before



Craig After
Work in progress May 2010


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