Hi, my name is Corinne.  I’m a mother of four and at my heaviest weight I was 99kg and 8 months pregnant with my last baby.  Never in my life did I think I would become so overweight, but I was, and I knew I couldn’t stay like that.  I haven’t always been overweight so to see those numbers on the scale was a real shock!


I’d been through a lot over the 7 last years and being depressed was one of them.  I was very aware of the extra weight I was carrying and it was all I could think about which in turn filtered into all other areas of my life. Usually a bubbly and outgoing person, I became more sensitive to being around people, going out, and finding clothes that fit AND looked nice too.


I was 84kg when I started training with Nate and the team at Fit Stuff in April 2011. I’m so grateful to Nate and for the support he has given me throughout this journey.  His enthusiasm, passion and positive attitude helped me to get out of bed each morning. I’ve learnt that you can have an excuse for everything…if you want one, you can make one up!  But with Nate I couldn’t!  Throughout my training, I’ve been sick, injured with a sprained ankle, tired from being up with my baby throughout the night and running on very few hours of sleep, and I still got up and trained because of his encouragement and his desire for me to succeed.


I now weigh 70kg and only 5kg away from my goal weight!  As most mother’s know, it can be very tiring taking care of your children.  I now have the energy and strength to do all the things I need to do as a mother.


I train with Fit Stuff twice a week and nothing starts my day better!  I love the social interaction with the other members, the personalised training, being outside and surrounded with positive people and trainers!


Thanks Nate and the team at Fit Stuff for your constant desire to help improve people’s lives!  Your positive attitude, enthusiasm, and passion shines from you and it’s what helps me to continue to be happy, healthy and enjoying life once again!



Corinne Before
Corinne Before



Corinne After
Corinne After




By Fitstuff

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