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Hi My name is Cathy and I joined the Fit Stuff Boot Camp twelve months ago, August 2010.

I wasn’t hugely overweight but terribly unfit. I was a smoker and couldn’t run for more than 5 metres without getting puffed and barely do 1o lady push ups.

The first couple of weeks were really hard but Nathan, Chris, Rolf & Cam always encouraged you and you could do the workout at your own level. After a couple of weeks I decided to give up smoking and have not started again since. I have given up smoking heaps of times but never got past the first few months, I always seemed to find an excuse to go back.

In the first boot camp I lost about 5 kilos which made a difference to my self esteem and I was starting to get fitter and of course feeling terrific. The smokers cough was gone and I could breathe properly.

I decided I needed an extra challenge and took up running. With the help of boot camp running became really enjoyable and in February of 2011 I decided to enter the Gold Coast half marathon.

Who would have believed that by July 2011 I completed my first ever half marathon (my first ever running race).

The boys were there through the journey giving good nutritional and training advice. That’s what I like so much about Fit Stuff is that they all take the time to know everyone who joins up and help each of them achieve their own individual goals. They cater for all types from the not so fit to the super fit and everyone is pushed to their own individual limits.

Boot camp is a great family atmosphere where training is FUN FUN FUN!!

Thanks guys for the opportunity to have a new lease on life.



Cathy After


By Nathan

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