Steve Dyer

My name is Steve and I have been a Fit Stuff member for the past 10 weeks and when I started to train with Nate and his team, I was 120.8kgs. There was a turning point for me one day when I went for a day trip to Cooloola Beach with some mates and they… Continue reading Steve Dyer


Hi, my name is Corinne.  I’m a mother of four and at my heaviest weight I was 99kg and 8 months pregnant with my last baby.  Never in my life did I think I would become so overweight, but I was, and I knew I couldn’t stay like that.  I haven’t always been overweight so… Continue reading Corinne

Rural Press

      Queensland Country Life asked Fit Stuff for two hours of activities that would challenge our staff, encourage team work and build morale. Nathan and Rolf took up the challenge and for 120 minutes our normally desk bound staff sweated, competed and believed they were Olympic athletes!  It was a morning that ticked… Continue reading Rural Press


Here’s the deal – Wearing 5XL clothes and 138kg to bring in 2011! What a wake up call.  My bucket list included jumping out of a plane – unfortunately I had to be less than 100kg!  My kids are my world, my life and I couldn’t guarantee my future at 138kg.  Was I always going… Continue reading Dewain


I moved to Australia with my fiance in Dec 2009. We’d been engaged for just over 3 months and being pressed by family and friends to set a date. I’d been saying since we’d got engaged that we’d set a date when I could fit into a size 10 wedding dress. Everyone laughed in a… Continue reading Jay


I had always been a big girl… and always a bit of a tomboy… I would sit on the sidelines at sporting events and think I could do that if I wasn’t so big… or that’s just not physically possible… So when I moved to Brisbane last year, I decided to make a change and… Continue reading Dee


Earlier this year I decided I was going to do something about the 15yrs of neglect I had done to my body.  At a massive weight of 147kgs I signed up to a not so local gym, but knew 1 of the trainers there, Chris. Being self conscious and not so confident it was important… Continue reading Jamie


  Until the start of this year I thought I was relatively healthy, playing the occasional game of touch football and not eating too much junk food. I was so wrong – as soon as I was introduced to Fit Stuff by a friend my views of what is healthy and nourishing for my body… Continue reading Paula