Fit Stuff March News

ATTENTION TEAM – ROUND 1 QUICK UPDATE!   We are hitting this year with a positive BANG, averaging around 70-75 members attending each week. Let’s support and encourage each other and push this to the 80’s and 90’s.   As a Fit Stuff member, we show authenticity and a genuine care towards each other so… Continue reading Fit Stuff March News

Fit Stuff February News

ATTENTION TEAM – ROUND 1 QUICK UPDATE! As we officially spread our wings and fly towards an even more exciting Fit Stuff calendar year loaded with events, challenges and life changing experiences. The best part about it all is that you share and celebrate these victories and experiences with genuine like-minded people. For anyone that has not been… Continue reading Fit Stuff February News

Fit Stuff January News

Happy New Year Team & Welcome Back!   Firstly, we hope you are rested, rejuvenated and that your family time was special, and Santa was generous.   Quick School Holiday Timetable Mention Below:   Week 1: Tuesday 14th / Thursday 16th – 530am & 8am @Cleveland Point! Week 2: Tuesday 21st / Thursday 23rd –… Continue reading Fit Stuff January News

Fit Stuff December News

  LOOK OUT TEAM!   AFTER 10 YEARS WE STRONGLY FEEL IT’S TIME TO REVOLUTIONISE OUR FIT STUFF BRAND!   JOIN US ON OUR NEW JOURNEY THAT WILL ENHANCE YOUR LIFESTYLE AND UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL!   Nicci and I are both extremely excited to introduce you all to our ethos, rebrand and story behind our… Continue reading Fit Stuff December News

Fit Stuff November News

  SAVE THE DATE – FIT STUFF FAMILY FRIENDLY CHRISTMAS PARTY! When - Saturday the 14th of December 2pm – Whenever! Where – Beth Boyd Park Thorneside What – Fun in the Park – Beach Volley / Basketball & Games Why – Fit Stuff Team Celebration Bring – BBQ, Eskys, Drinks & Food   Nicci… Continue reading Fit Stuff November News

Fit Stuff October News

ULTIMATE 8 REGISTRATIONS ARE CLOSED! If you would like to register, we can fit you in, but you will miss out on your challenge shirt 🎉   Rhys, Kellye, Nicci and I along with all the EP Coaches are pumped and ready to motivate you all through to your desired goals and ambitions! Final Important… Continue reading Fit Stuff October News

Fit Stuff September News

The wait is over 🎉  It's back, it's bigger, it's better and it's taken on the feedback you provided at the end of last challenge! Some quick facts: Price remains unchanged. $99 deposit + $50 p/w over 10 weeks. Group fitness is not charged in addition to this, $50 weekly is all inclusive. New weekly… Continue reading Fit Stuff September News

Fit Stuff August News

Mindset - Every Monday I post a quote directly linking you to think about how you can build the mindset of a WARRIOR!   5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Mindset in 20 Minutes   1. Just breathe. (5 minutes) Studies show that just a few minutes a day of quiet can open our brains… Continue reading Fit Stuff August News

Fit Stuff July News

Mindset - Every Monday I post a quote directly linking you to think about how you can build the mindset of a WARRIOR! Your mindset is everything. Your mindset will determine if you will make it ornot. Your mindset will determine if you will be remembered or forgotten.  Your mindset will determine whether you will be committed… Continue reading Fit Stuff July News

Fit Stuff June News

Round 2 Progress Report! Legends of Fit Stuff let it be known you are rocking this round with energy and enthusiasm! Keep driving forward as we enter another Winter!  Guess what Winter means cold! Guess what who cares! Guess what Summer bodies are built in Winter! Yoga and our Family Friendly Tuesday 5pm sessions have… Continue reading Fit Stuff June News