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Congratulations Team!! B2B 2012 Excellence!!


Congratulations Team!

To our amazing Fit Stuff Bridge 2 Brisbane team in 2012, we would like to congratulate you all on an amazing effort yesterday!! You should all be proud : )

We are extremely proud of you and your efforts in the cold early hours of the morning! Our shout out goes to the below Fit Stuff members.

  • Amanda Hart
  • Amy Dawson
  • Andrew Thomas
  • Andrea Vonk
  • Anthony Burrows
  • Aggy Thomson
  • Dewain Clarke
  • Hayley Wickson
  • Janine Graham
  • Jeannine Licata
  • Jen Devaney
  • Jodie Fitzpatrick
  • Kathy Jamieson
  • Kylie Woodruff
  • Matty Rolley
  • Matt Jamieson
  • Nate Devlin
  • Hayden Jamieson
  • Matty Wright
  • Michelle Perry
  • Nicky Oscroft
  • Shannon Boland & Friends
  • Val Glassick
  • Vicky Oscroft


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