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Autumn has hit! Round 2 Bootcamps Start Date!

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I would like to congratulate all members on a fantastic start to our Round 1 for 2016!

It has been our best year yet so far – a slightly different mix of training styles and the addition of some tough & challenging group fitness exercises. I would like to encourage everyone to continue through as we approach some slightly cooler weather. The biggest thing to remember is that your summer body shape and results are achieved through the cooler months of the year. What you don’t want to do is hibernate over winter and become reacquainted with Winter comfort food and go through the unmotivated it’s to hard phase!

I say stay strong & set goals! Stick with the your Fit Stuff mates and push through the 2016 Autumn/Winter and kick it’s butt so that you are kicking goals in the Spring and Summer season! Remember your motivation & commitment helps to motivate others, so band together team and let’s kick on!

  • Round 2 Start Date Monday the 18th of April!
  • Registrations Open – NOW!
  • Registrations Close – Friday the 8th of April!
  • All Registrations Please Email – [email protected]
  • All direct debit payments will start Friday the 22nd of April.
  • Upfront Payments can be made via website using Paypal
  • If you do not have a Paypal account we can provide you bank details for an EFT payment.

Fit Stuff has made some great value changes to it’s training package options.

We would like to firstly introduce you to the IMPROVED ANNUAL PACKAGE! This training package has been updated with the following.

  • The inclusion of all school holiday sessions outside of our normal 4 x 10 week rounds.
  • This is more then 20 x Additional Bootcamps for the year.
  • The Annual Package gives you access to 240 x Mixed Adult Bootcamp Sessions.
  • The Annual Package gives you access to 120 x Ladies Only Bootcamp Sessions.
  • A BPA free drink bottle.
  • Direct Debit option is $45 per week for the year. (Includes 4 x Rounds from Purchase)
  • Once off $1600 upfront option for the whole year. (Includes 4 Rounds from Purchase)

We would like to introduce you to our IMPROVED PLATINUM PACKAGE! This training package has been updated with the following .

  • Unlimited Bootcamp sessions over a 10 week round.
  • Access to 60 x Mixed Adult Bootcamp Sessions.
  • Access to 30 x Ladies Only Bootcamp Sessions.
  • Weekly direct debit price has been slashed from $45 per week to $40 per week over 10 weeks.
  • Upfront price has been slashed from $449 to $399.

Here we go team!

From your Fit Stuff Trainers – Let’s get moving LEGENDS!!!!


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