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“When we partnered with Ausfit we did not anticipate the level to which the heath program would transform our company culture. Within months we saw a real wide shift in attitudes towards health and wellness which in turn created a positivity and youthful attitude across the board. The program improved our business and certainly changed lives.”

– Matt Loney

Absolutely life changing experience. The nutrition plans are interesting and varied, the fitness sessions are tough and entertaining and the 1 on 1 personal touches Nathan and the team at Fitstuff put into every candidate makes it easy to achieve your goals!

– Rob Bishop

Nathan keeps us focussed, driven and pushes us just enough to go that little bit harder to get improved results. His programs are varied every week and concentrate on strengthening as well as cardio fitness. His sessions are fun and at the end, everyone walks away feeling like they have been hit by a truck (but in a good way)!

– Kathryn Nickel

Nathan is switched on, and very approachable. He sees what kind of motivation you can handle, and pushes you just hard enough. He’s a great teacher, and knows his stuff! I thoroughly enjoy each session. He makes it fun to work hard.

– Katie Howatson

Sessions are fluent and fun. He is very motivated every session which helps encourage more to join. Personally I have a bad back, now I can perform sit ups with no pain thanks to his conditioning.

– Michael Carmody

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