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Make Up Classes & School Holiday Time-Table 2020-2021!
Firstly, we again thank you for supporting us through what has been one the most, if not the most epic challenging year on record for absolutely everyone.Do yourself a favour and take a moment, grab a pen and paper and note every single thing you remember from New Year’s Day.Write down what you and your family have seen and experienced and anything else you have achieved or overcome. Take time to reflect on all of these and be proud and empower yourself.

School Holiday Round 4 Make Up Classes:

Make Up Class 1: Monday 14th December – 5:30am @Cleveland Point!
Make Up Class 2: Wednesday 16th December – 5:30am @Cleveland Point!

School Holiday Timetable for 2020-2021 Below:

Week 1: Tues 15th Dec / Thurs 17th Dec – 5:30am & 8am @Cleveland Point!
Week 2: Tues 22nd / Thurs 24th – 5:30am & 8am @Cleveland Point!
Week 3: Tues 12th Jan / Thurs 14th Jan – 5:30am & 8am @Cleveland Point!
Week 4: Tues 19th Jan / Thurs 21st Jan – 5:30am & 8am @Cleveland Point!

Payment Note: All Training Packages can be purchased now and used through the school holiday sessions.Please be sure to read the full updated Fit Stuff terms & conditions.

2021 Round 1 Start Date: Wednesday 27th January 2021We would like to plant the seed early and provide you all with our Round 1 start date for next year. Please email for more details [email protected]
Pre-Registrations are Open – CUT THE BS CHALLENGE 2021!

Open Now For 25 Current Fit Stuff Members!Starts Sunday the 7th of February 2021!

What is CUT THE B.S 6-WEEK CHALLENGE all about you ask?

The success of this challenge and all its first-round competitors was absolutely mind blowing and inspirational to experience.I have never witnessed such consistency in results, completion rates and the positive overall health and wellbeing changes. This program requires a tough mental, physical and emotional commitment over 42 days. Support, motivation, accountability, education, comradery and morale are key factors that make this challenge what it is. 

The inspiration behind the program has been the collaboration of only what works, along with integrated techniques, measures and a unique energy you will not find anywhere else!This program tackles and addresses all other challenges negatives such as; the drop-in completion rates, lack of accountability, participants not willing to give up particular lifestyle habits, and last of all participating in a challenge for the wrong reasons! 





CUT THE B.S CHALLENGE commences Sunday the 7th February 2021.

New Multi-Pass Membership Available Round 1 – 2021!

New Collaboration Multi-Pass Membership Available 2021!

Over the course of this crazy year my good friend and Calisthenics Coach Ryan Karas left a Calisthenics Gym Body Weight Brisbane in Milton to start up his own here in the Redlands.I started my Calisthenics journey early last year 2019 after redirecting my lifestyle and mindset that was influenced by personal challenges I had overcome.

I was wanting to learn and explore further how to improve my own mobility and understand the connection between the mind and being extremely body weight strong. The question I asked myself was ‘why lift heavy when you can’t lift your own body weight?’ This question motivated me to find somewhere in Brisbane that delivered this style of practice and training.

Body Weight Brisbane in Milton was my place of choice and so my journey started, and this is where I met Ryan…Less than a year later Ryan had created Barfit Redlands and since the opening of Barft the collaboration and relationship of both Barfit and Fit Stuff has grown stronger with all core values, visions and passion aligning.

This collaborative partnership has encouraged the development and introduction of a multi-pass membership that allows any member who purchases this membership level unlimited access to both venues for a set 10 weeks. 

The launch of this new membership level will be available Round 1 in 2021!
Please Take The Time to Read & Complete The Survey by Clicking the Website Link!

Redland council proposes to rent out parks for commercial use, including the crowded Cleveland Point, Apex Park and Coochiemudlo foreshore!

COUNCIL proposes to rent out Redland parks to businesses for activities like fitness training, bike hire, mobile animal petting, kayak tours and food trucks.The Redland City Council proposal is for commercial activities in 31 parks on the mainland and islands which might see competition for space in these public areas.Mayor Karen Williams said council supported a range of temporary commercial uses to help create vibrant neighbourhoods and communities.

The number of uses would be limited and the space that they would take up would be controlled.Rules would be in place to ensure activities did not restrict public access to, use and enjoyment of the park.

Business has raised some concerns about the proposal, with Redland Coast Chamber of Commerce president Rebecca Young saying the plan might hinder small businesses if not done correctly.”It opens up the potential for competition to start up against bricks and mortar operations,” she said.”For example, the local gym who occupy a tenancy or own real estate may have to compete against a fitness operation who can start up without any, or significantly lower overheads.”Ms Young said the plan had many positives to activate under-utilised public spaces in the community and assist tourism.”Done correctly it will benefit the community so long as it compliments our existing ecosystem of businesses, it should compliment what we already have.

Small business operators should see the gaps in the market and seize those opportunities,” she said.Cr Williams said the plan followed a recommendation in council’s Redland Open Space Strategy 2026 which aimed to ensure recreation and leisure was available to everyone.”In some, people might just want to purchase a takeaway coffee or light snack and, in others, people might want to hire canoes or do stand-up paddle boarding.”The commercial uses need to be consistent with the purpose of the reserve and are meant to be temporary, low key and are not just about mobile food vans,” she said.Ms Young said a collaborative approach with businesses might attract tourists who would stay and spend for a longer period of time.”Allowing a recreational hire equipment company to occupy a public space and add to it a pop up food service … or where a yoga studio wants to take their Saturday morning session to a waterside park, this would be a situation where small businesses already existing in our area could be supported,” she said.Council is inviting the community to have its say on the proposal but consultation closes on November 20,To make a submission and for information on the proposal, visit council’s Your Say Redlands Coast website.
Perfect Gift for Christmas – Ask Nate for Sample Sizes!

Leguano is a German barefoot shoe brand which was founded in early 2010 by a human movement scientist and a long-distance runner who experienced the negative effects of running in stiff-soled shoes with maximal support.

They began researching running barefoot and discovered that after a gradual transition injuries and pain associated with running decreased significantly.

After an initial focus on barefoot running shoes, the company’s goal shifted towards helping to improve the health and well-being of every human, regardless of whether they were regular runners or not, by developing a new type of footwear: A high quality, functional and stylish barefoot shoe that gave the human foot its full range of motion.Leguano barefoot shoes are light-weight barefoot shoes which provide a free and natural walking feeling whilst offering the protection of regular footwear.

Walking in leguanos reactivates muscles and connective tissue in the human foot which have degenerated over time and for a variety of reasons. Leguanos are (hand-)Made in Germany and subject to stringent manufacturing regulations and high industry standards.

The sole is patented, non-marking and anti-slip. All leguanos are machine washable and fully recyclable.An effect of the long-term use of shoes with stiff soles, maximal support and pointy toe boxes can be the degeneration of muscles and connective tissue within our feet.

This often causes mal- or dispositions which are likely to transfer upwards and have flow-on effects within our musculoskeletal system over time. leguano barefoot shoes antagonize this and let the human foot do what it is designed to do – to walk barefoot.

They help strengthen the foot so that it can remain self-supportive rather thandependant on supportive footwear.

• Leguano are handmade in Germany
• Leguano are produced under fair and ethical employment arrangements
• Leguano are fully recyclable
• Leguano are breathable
• Leguano feature their characteristic patented LIFOLIT® barefoot sole which is anti-slip and non-marking
• Leguano are machine washable (no fabric softener, not hotter than 40C
• Leguano have extra-wide toe boxes so that the toes can spread naturally and develop their full range of motion

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Coach Nicci Speaking Listen up!Stick To Your Plan! Hi crew,so we are getting close to the end of the year.It is more important then ever to keep focused on your goals. 

I find it is the time of year that people make excuses to let habits fall back into place. The end of year is full of parties and celebrations but remember everything in moderation. 

What has been your focus for the year and are you willing to let that slip and need to start all over again next year? You have all kicked some amazing goals this year and I am super proud of you all.  

I want you to head into the end of the year with focus and living the lifestyle that gives you the most energy and focus for the party season.  

Some tips: 

Team up with someone to be accountable too, it will really make you think about your choices. 

Remember the energy you have when you are making the right choices for you. 

Make your treat a good one, e.g. for me it is cherries and the other delicious stone fruit that is in season over the next few months. 

Believe that you deserve good health and that your body deserves to be fuelled with great nutritious food all year round. 

Be ok with saying no if someone offers you something you would prefer not to have. 

Surround yourself with like minded people whenever possible. 

Let’s get pumped up and really smash out the last few weeks of training for the year.  

Numbers have been fantastic, the vibe has been amazing. I love you guys and remember if you need some focus for holiday season hit me up for a chat. 

Cheers Nic

By Nathan

Hi everyone! I'm Nate Devlin and I want to share something with you. How good would it be to live longer, feel stronger, reduce disease for the price of a large take-away coffee?. I believe I have the answer & I would like to share our members first hand experience & reviews with you. Having a positive impact on peoples lives, helps create a positive lifestyle change. Life is to be enjoyed to the fullest, so surround yourself with what makes you happy. Read my bio