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6 Week Kick Start Challenge Expressions of Interest!!


We want to know if this is what you need to start your year the right way??

We would love to run a 6 Week Kick Start Challenge as a way of launching into the New Year helping you regain your focus, good eating habits, motivation and lifestyle balance. Before this Challenge will go official we have listed some further details and we would love your expression of interest as soon as possible as we will need to get things prepared!

  • Start Date Saturday the 4th & 5th of February.
  • Minimum of 20-25 Registrations to Launch the Challenge.
  • Basic 3 Day Cleanse Plus a Rubric Style Meal Planner Designed by our Nutritionist Team.
  • Rapid Bio Scan for Full Body Composition Testing – Details Below – Includes Start and End Testing!
  • Closed Facebook Forum Page for Nutrition Video, Motivation & 24 Hour Support.
  • Weekly Fitness Challenges Via Video on Facebook Page.
  • Team Challenges/Events and a Social Get Together at the End!
  • Price $165 and Previous Challenge Competitors Receive a 10% Saving.






Rapid Bioscan uses the InBody230 Bio-Impedance Analyser to accurately measure all the major components that make up the human body, plus much more without any hassles. Clients feel extremely comfortable, as they keep their clothes on throughout the whole process.

Biospace InBody230 technology is used by many organisations for research and monitoring and is designed for the medical industry, therefore making it extremely accurate. We have decided that this will be the new body composition testing tool in replacement of our measure tape and pick callipers. It is fully mobile therefore the 30 second test will be done out here in Cleveland at our selected location. We will need to have this done on Sunday the 5th of February as they are booked out Saturday the 4th which we will use as your Fitness Testing morning.

Testing will kick off at 6am both mornings. The cost for your Bio Scan is included in the Kick Start Challenge registration fee. Please remember any Challenge competitors from 2016 will receive a 10% saving off the price.



The Nutrition component designed by On The Pulse:

Phil Sooveere will deliver a 3 day cleanse protocol video in association with a new meal planner rubric which will allow for greater freedom with meal planning and yet support those who have not used one before.

In addition Phil will also create a video introduction to be posted on the facebook forum associated with the 6 week program instructing everyone on how the rubric works and the possibilities when it comes to meal planning, as well as the usual facebook support we provide.

The end date will be Saturday the 18th of March. Please email [email protected] if you would love for us to introduce this program. The quicker you respond team the better please as we have only a little over 2 weeks!


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