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New 55+ Session Starting in the New Year 2013 !! Book Here!!


Hello Everyone!

The new 55+ program is specifically aimed at those individuals who are lovers of the outdoors, would like to be part of a social fitness club and are looking to improve their current lifestyle. This program is low intensity and is purely designed for you to have fun playing active games and interacting with others in a healthy environment.

The Fit Stuff 55+ program is tailored specifically for this age group with our unique training style focussing on balance, reaction, strength and mobility whilst increasing fitness levels. The group sessions will be lower impact keeping joints and flexibility in mind.

Each session will be full of like minded people to encourage each others growth and potential. We have had a lot of positive feedback and look forward to all of your positive energy.

The official start date is January 2013 Wednesday  7:30am830am and we have been busy organising equipment and activities so don’t miss out!

Be sure to register and encourage your family and friends to register and be a part of such a beneficial experience. As we age, exercise becomes more essential as our bodies start to degenerate. Our 55+ program is designed to improve strength, stamina, physical fitness, memory & mental strength.

If you are 55 years of age or older and are highly active, this specific program is not for you. You would best be looking at our mixed adult programs that are much more challenging.

We invite those of you who are looking for small steps towards a healthy & active lifestyle change. The man in this picture is David and David is over 70 years of age. AMAZING!!

Please contact us at [email protected]

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By Nathan

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