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Rolf’s Winter Training Tips!!


Before you curl up on the couch, consider that exercising in the cold burns more calories. Isn’t it worth sacrificing warmth for a little fat-burning? Here are some fitness tips to make your winter workouts work for you.

  • Layer wisely- Wear fewer, thinner layers of clothing you can peel off, rather than one single, heavy layer; cool down gradually after your workout by taking off a layer at a time.
  • Start conservatively- Until you’ve mastered cold-weather fitness, start your workout at half your usual warm-weather distance; if you normally run four miles, start with two. Warm up indoors for five minutes before heading out. Running in place or jumping rope makes it less likely you’ll strain a muscle. Stay dry – even after you sweat.
  • Get out of damp clothes as soon as possible, even if you cannot shower immediately, and change into dry clothes.

“If you work out, it’s a mood booster, so not only will you make yourself look good, but you’ll feel better,”

Tip 1: Work out with a friend – It’s much more fun to work out with a friend then alone.
“Make play dates with buddies, so instead of staying at home, go to a fitness session together,”

Tip 2: Get a trainer
It’s harder to let someone else down, then it is to let yourself down, So if you have a trainer – you won’t be likely to cancel on them.

Tip 3: Put on your sneakers and go
“Put it on, and before you know it, you are going to be like, “˜Well, I’m already dressed, I might as well go,'”

Tip 4: Don’t watch the clock
“My trick, and what I tell my participants in classes, is we’re just gong to work out for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes if you don’t feel like it, go home,”  “Most of the time when you are there, you’re blood gets flowing and you want to stay for half hour, 45 minutes or a full hour.”


Cheers Rolf


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